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Happy Birthday!

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Never Too Old To Hug Mom


Yesterday evening the long awaited annual academy party, theme ‘Oriental’. Everyone was dressed up and we even had a belly dance workshop! It’s all about coordination and balance, the graceful lady said. Do you realize how hard it is to move your feet, shake your hips and graciously wave your arm at the same time?! How I thanked my karate training 😉 But we had so much fun and danced all night long. Later this week I hope to publish some photos. The least embarrassing ones.

This lovely lady is my mother, and tomorrow we will drive south to celebrate her birthday with her and Dad. The hunt for a nice gift for Mom led us on a shopping spree this afternoon. Then later my partner took his father and me out for a candle-light dinner.

My sons will be very grateful tomorrow morning… once they taste their grandmother’s cherry pie and cake. But until that moment they will want their beds in stead of sitting in the back of my car.

A happy weekend. I hope you are having one too! 🙂



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12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. i am confused
    is the graceful lady who shakes her hips and moves her feet
    the same as your mom or are those two different stories?

    i haven´t finished my cup of coffee yet,
    so the caffeine hasn´t done his important yet

    but anyway congratulations with the birthday of your mother!

    it´s not difficult
    you just need to cook your blood up to 65 degrees,
    before entering the dance floor


    1. Haha Assyke, I was merely describing my weekend. The graceful hip shaker is not my mother! She was a professional dancer, hired by my academy to lighten up the party.
      But I will tell my mother you thought her capable of belly dancing; she will be greatly her brand new age of 75 😀

      PS I will remember next time and have a red wine before dancing. I was the driver that evening 😉


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