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No More Karate

Six Word Saturday:


A speech. Flowers. No more Karate.


It is after 1 AM and still I can not sleep. For tonight I said goodbye to fifteen years of volunteering as secretary for our Karate Association.

I have been practicing martial arts since I was in my mid-twenties, first as self defense, then Kyokushin kaikan (full contact) and after that Shotokan karate. It is such a great sports. A daily commitment. A way of life. Eleven years ago I had to stop because of a severe hernia. Forbidden to ever participate again.

But these karatekas were my friends, almost like family. I could not leave them, though active karate was totally out of the question. So I asked my fellow committee members if I could stay on and continue my secretary work. We had a meeting every six weeks, organized parties with crazy themes, went bowling, swimming parties for the karate kids. They told me they would not have let me go anyway. A big yes.

Last year I made the decision to stop and told them I would stay only for one year longer, so they could find someone to take my place. My life has changed and I just can not spend as much time on karate as I would like to. As is needed. So tonight, at the annual meeting, I was stationed behind the committee table for the last time. Next year I will be sitting with the (supporting) members. On the other side.



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