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There And Back Again

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There and Back Again. Back Home!

Still not living together? I hear this question quite often. After almost four years with the Vman, people expect us to pack up and move in together. But having a L.A.T.-relationship does have its advantages. We are together during weekends and on Wednesday evenings, which leaves us enough room for our separate hobbies, writing and domestic affairs during the rest of the week. And it is easier on the children too.

Every other weekend my sons visit their father, and on those occasions we stay at my partner’s house. So this morning I thought long and deep about what clothes to pack, since we will go to a (whisky) party tonight. Threw make-up and other personal decoration materials in my bag, added a book and my laptop, and was finally ready to take off.

First a visit to the Harley shop – where I scored a nice jacket in sales – and then to the Vman’s residence. Winter in Holland has been unusually mild until now, but today it was cold. And inside it was about as cold as it was outside, so my first action was to fire up the thermostat.

The thing I like about staying over at his place is the tranquility that descends upon me. I don’t feel the urge to do stuff. I don’t have to do anything. No laundry, no vacuum cleaner. No dirty windows. Not that they bother me much at home either. Curling up on the couch with my book is my favorite pastime during those weekends. Or watching a movie together.

I unpacked my bag while my partner was upstairs. Apparently he did hear the laundry complaining. Oblivious to those sounds, I was about to dig into my book, when Vman called me. There’s a bit of a problem: the heater is broken. There’s an impressive error on the display. And indeed, the house still felt like a tomb.

See, and then L.A.T. has even more advantages. We repacked and got into my car again. Having two homes might keep us apart at times, but it is also a luxury, especially in winter. We went there and back again. Back to my sweet Hobbit hole. My warm Hobbit hole 😉

Have a happy, cozy and warm weekend!


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