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Celebrating half of Bilbo’s eleventy-one years


photo: internet

I adore hobbits. I adore their joy for life. For celebrating. For finding positive aspects in even the bleakest situations. I don’t think I will make it to my eleventy-first birthday, but tomorrow I’m exactly halfway!

So in honor of Bilbo, tonight we are celebrating my half-eleventy-first birthday. And at midnight, we’ll toast. To Bilbo!


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Half a century plus one year minus one day

My Saturday in Six Words:

Last day as 50 year old




And what a year it has been. A couple of high & low lights:

  • the road trip to the southwest of the US – the tremendous birthday gift I got from my darling V-man;
  • also the year my youngest son decided to live with his girlfriend in the UK;
  • recently my educational expedition to Malawi, Africa, together with 41 special people;
  • and the year that I have to take this warning sign off my wall.

Luckily my V-man assured me he will still be attracted to me tomorrow. 😉

Have a happy Saturday!


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Changing my name to ‘Sarah’

My Saturday in six words:



Half a century on this planet has taught me much, but most of all to value family and friends. So in this special year I’ll be celebrating friendship – not by throwing a massive party, but by inviting small groups of friends for dinner, high tea, picnics and drinks throughout the year. Turning fifty isn’t bad at all! 😉

Happy Saturday x



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News: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands retires

For two hundred years kings and queens have reigned over the Netherlands. We have had a lot of Willems, as you can see:


Today our Queen Beatrix announced her retirement on April 30, 2013. She will step back after thirty three years, leaving the throne to her first-born son.


So finally a new king will step up to the throne – after 123 years of queens – King Willem-Alexander and his Queen Máxima.


Queen Beatrix celebrates her 75th birthday on January 31st. A very special date for me. Not because of the Queen, but because of my mother. Mom – exactly one year the Queen’s senior – will celebrate her 76th birthday this Thursday.  And to me that is more special than any Royal House happening!

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and then, suddenly

a boy turns into a man

finding his own way


It is my youngest son’s eighteenth birthday today. I’m so proud of him. He is turning into a wonderful young man. Unfortunately he’s rather camera shy – at least with me 😉

Happy birthday, Sean!

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Happy Birthday!

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Never Too Old To Hug Mom


Yesterday evening the long awaited annual academy party, theme ‘Oriental’. Everyone was dressed up and we even had a belly dance workshop! It’s all about coordination and balance, the graceful lady said. Do you realize how hard it is to move your feet, shake your hips and graciously wave your arm at the same time?! How I thanked my karate training 😉 But we had so much fun and danced all night long. Later this week I hope to publish some photos. The least embarrassing ones.

This lovely lady is my mother, and tomorrow we will drive south to celebrate her birthday with her and Dad. The hunt for a nice gift for Mom led us on a shopping spree this afternoon. Then later my partner took his father and me out for a candle-light dinner.

My sons will be very grateful tomorrow morning… once they taste their grandmother’s cherry pie and cake. But until that moment they will want their beds in stead of sitting in the back of my car.

A happy weekend. I hope you are having one too! 🙂



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The Driessen Family

Since of yesterday there is only one teenager on the loose in our house. The other has not moved out no, he turned twenty. My eldest son is TWENTY years old. Not a child anymore, but an adult. And it does not feel like yesterday that he was born, but twenty years is kind of absurd. Here is a picture of him when he was just a toddler.

And this is the way he is now (on the right)

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday, sitting outside in lovely spring weather, and talking about new and old times. He will go out with his buddies on Friday.

Yesterday morning I received a text message from my sister-in-law, asking me to give Nick a huge hug. She wanted to do it herself but somehow she seemed to have lost his Facebook access. A couple of messages went back and forth. In the evening my other sister sent an sms too, with the message that my son had thrown her off Facebook, and she wanted me to hug my son to pieces. Which of course I did with enthusiasm. A kid is never too old for a cuddle! Though this doesn’t mean all kids will agree with this golden rule. I have told my sisters that Nick has blocked us a little while ago because he does not want his co-workers and friends to read the stuff we might write about him. And I understand that. But it also means I can safely post these pictures haha.

Then last night my mother called to congratulate her eldest grandson. I was having a catch up evening with my friend Suzan – lots of tea involved, and chocolate – and walked upstairs with the phone towards Nick’s room. Mom and me talked a bit about the day, so I sat down on the attic stairs. Then my Dad came on. He told me he was playing the saxophone again, a thing he had not done for forty years! When our late neighbors’ daughter visited him, she brought her sax along and encouraged Dad to give it a try. Which of course he did not.

But the idea had found fertile soil and he remembered that his niece had bought a saxophone eight years ago, and had not played on it for seven and a half. So now the sax is in his hands and he has been practicing whole week. He is not there yet, he said, but bit by bit things are coming back to him. My Dad is seventy seven years old! In reply to my teasing question if they needed money, he immediately said YES, he was going out to play in the streets and would place a hat in front of him to collect coins. LOL. Then he told me that he was playing a serenade for my Mom every night, on his knees. ROFL. These are the little things why I love my family. We will gather Easter Sunday! 😀

I then delivered the phone in Nick’s hands and returned to Suzan. It was a great day.