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Christmas Dinner: a Taste of Hungary



Later today, V-man’s family is coming over for an early Christmas dinner. One of the things we are going to serve them is this goulash. I used my mom’s recipe and added a few things of my own. The result is full and spicy. Continue reading “Christmas Dinner: a Taste of Hungary”

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Recipe: Rice with pistachios and nectarine

A delicious vegan dish for two, easy and quick to make. Continue reading “Recipe: Rice with pistachios and nectarine”

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Recipe: Green energy smoothie

A bright summer’s day simple begs for a fruity start, with a twist of veggies. Continue reading “Recipe: Green energy smoothie”

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Break fast, or slow


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And my own oatmeal breakfast recipe (in Dutch): Havermout Plus



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Recipe: Dutch Pea Soup

Winter recipe for winter days: Dutch Pea Soup Continue reading “Recipe: Dutch Pea Soup”

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Mediterranean Bread

Inspired by Italy, and by my Facebook friend Anja, I decided to make a Mediterranean bread today. Meaning, I threw in everything that felt sunny and warm. Continue reading “Mediterranean Bread”