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Travel theme: Mystical

Mystical, Ailsa of Where’s my backpack says, is an evocative term with many nuances. I chose this word because it can be interpreted in so many ways. It can mean spiritually symbolic, otherworldly, ethereal or mysterious. I also love how this word sounds when you speak it aloud, and I can’t help but associate it with mists that conceal the everyday, cloaking the mundane in a veil of mystery. The verb ‘to mystify’; to make mysterious or obscure, is derived from the words mystic and mystery. Ooh, the possibilities are endless.

Did you know that water is very mystical? Well, I didn’t, until I saw my selection of photos and the one element that links them: water. Will you join me in these mystical places and see where they will lead us?

And of course a photo of one of the most mystical beings on earth

Beautiful entries in Ailsa’s Mystical Travel theme at Where’s my backpack.


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16 thoughts on “Travel theme: Mystical

  1. Ik heb alleen de foto’s gekeken. Prachtige herfst foto’s van het water. 🙂
    Maar ik ga toch voor de laatste. Dat kleine mystieke wezen. Waarvan er nu een naast mijn toetsenbord ligt. Op haar koninklijke kussentje. 😉


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