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black warrior

my little huggy bear

two years have passed

since last I heard you purr

your head bumping into mine

my face buried in your thick fur

and I still miss you so much

stay warm, sweetheart

sleep, play and eat

save me a place

out there


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Photo Editing, challenge number 2

My second photo edit experiment originates in Mariane’s challenge. And here’s what emerged:


memories in glass

abandoned and forgotten

whom did you toast with?


The original:

Cheers! To the weekend 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

While foreign (rightly so) often brings up images of things outside of your own nation, it can also apply to things outside of or different from your normal environment, or even something which is out of place in general.  

Share a picture which means FOREIGN to you! 

These shots were taken in a foreign country, UpsideDownia. When you watch closely, you will understand the name.


More Foreign’ess at The Daily Post.

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With her nose pressed against the window, so close to the glass that she almost couldn’t see through her own breath, the girl looked outside. It was a bit misty. Whiffs of clouds passed by and submerged the world in a haze of white light.

When will they come, Grandma?

The woman sighed, every day the same old question. She went over to her grandchild and petted her curls. Then she said softly:

I don’t know, darling.

The girl stayed near the window – like a shadow – and waited. If she concentrated and watched real closely, she saw her little brother. Sam was a stalwart knight today, his stick a dangerous sword. He ran after his friend, waving the stick weapon, when suddenly the other boy turned. They fought bravely, laughing, with red cheeks from their exertions.

Come on over, I want to play too!

She banged on the window.

Why don’t you play with the others? Hide-and-seek, or tag, you love to do that.

Not today, Granny, I’d rather stay here.

The child sat down again, but her gaze was outward bound, longingly. Her hand prints were already fading and the glass resumed its transparent appearance. With her white skin and blond hair, she looked like a young princess. Gray eyes that were far too wise for her age. Resignation had changed her face, enlightened every now and then by a fit of impatience. Like now.

Why doesn’t Mommy want to spend time with me, Grandma?

The woman turned, alarmed, and hastily went back to the window. She took the girl’s unhappy little face in her wrinkled hands and gazed deeply into her eyes.

No, child, don’t you ever think that. Your Mama loves you dearly and longs to be with you. Always, every minute. But it just can’t be, sweetheart, it’s too soon.

And why does Dad always have to work? It just isn’t fair! Why can’t they visit us sometimes?

Silent, the old lady kissed her grandchild on her brow. How often had they had this conversation? Through the window, she saw her daughter calling Sam back into the house. It was time for supper.

She took the delicate small hands in her own and held them tightly.

Sweetie, please look at me. You know why, don’t you, darling? You know they don’t have wings yet, like us…

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WWPC: Weather

~ Oh beautiful Portugal, how I miss your open skies ~


I’m participating in the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge; this week’s theme is: Weather

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A city is what Jake Sprinter wants us to show this Sunday.

A city is a relatively large and permanent settlement. Although there is no agreement on how a city is distinguished from a town within general English language meanings, many cities have a particular administrative, legal, or historical status based on local law.

First I’ll show you why I don’t like cities:

See what I mean? It’s gray, dirty, concrete and ugly. This photo was taken from the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, in 2010. The city of cities, some say.

But there are also things I love about New York. It is alive every minute of the day. And night! It bubbles and is energetic. And there are pretty sights too, like this one:

And this tower:

And now from a modern city to an ancient one. San Gimignano in Italy. This view is much more to my liking and is forever imprinted in my memories.

Which city do you like most? I also love the old part of Barcelona, and small English cities with their culture and ancient, historical buildings.


Cities all over Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post

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‘Microsoft’ Hacking Attempt?

This morning I got one of the strangest phone calls of my life. And I’ve had a few 😉

My house phone rang, and when I looked at the number, I saw only zeroes. Weird! I answered the phone and a man in an urgent voice asked me if I was the owner of the resident. In perfect English, with an American accent. Yes, I said, why? And are you the main user of the computer in the house? Again a yes, of course. And who am I speaking to?

M’am, I’m from Microsoft in the USA and we’ve been notified through a crash report that your PC is in grave danger. I need you to start your computer and follow my directions.

A deep silence on my end of the line. What the heck? Or should I say, what the hack?!!

Eh, sir, come again?

M’am, your PC is in danger and I need you to take immediate action. Soon it will be too late and then the motherboard will be irreparably damaged. Please, go to your computer and I will show you the errors with your own eyes, and what you can do to protect it.

My eye brows were passing my hair line by that time.

I will do no such thing, it is working perfectly.

Again, I urge you to follow my directions, or else Microsoft can’t be held responsible for this, it is on your head then. Your Windows Operating System is in danger.

My temper and suspicion flared brightly.

If YOU think that I will follow orders from a unknown man from the ‘USA’ during a weird phone call, and type unknown commands into my dear computer, you must be out of your mind. Since when is Microsoft this concerned about its OVERSEAS customers? In the Netherlands?! I do NOT believe a word you say and will NOT act on your orders. Goodbye!

Yeah, ‘Microsoft man’, your service is excellent, I must say. And you scared the shit out of me. How did that man get my personal telephone number? Spooky!

Have you ever had this kind of experience? And what did you do?