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CBW: Pets and farmies

This week it was not a matter of finding photos, but of skipping photos. Such a great theme, Cee! Here they come:

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My entry in Cee’s photo challenge: Pets and farm animals. Feel free to check out the other entries!

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He used to be so romantic…

… and now I’m stuck here with the little one.

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CBW: Shadows and reflections



The leading role in this photo goes to a penguin that is swimming underwater, casting his reflection up to the surface. An upside-down take on the theme. 😉

My entry in Cee’s photo challenge: Shadows and reflections. Feel free to check out the other entries!

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Polar bear Spa



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Scottish Highlander

Suddenly you’re eye to eye with a rugged Scot. A mountain of muscles and dangerous horns. Fortunately, everything was wrapped in a mahogany-colored cuddly coat. 😉

I can watch these peaceful highlanders for hours on end and have been in love with them since the first highlander calves were introduced in Safaripark Beekse Bergen. At that time I was doing research in the park and often accompanied the park supervisor on his daily rounds.

Aside from the Scottish highlander, I took this photo last January because of its wintery colors, the purple and green tones. The two people in the background add depth to the photo.


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Now that we can no longer carefree roam whenever and wherever we want to due to the coronavirus, now that we work from home and keep our social distance when possible, I want to share photos that bring the outdoors inside. I will describe what made me take those pictures and the way they made me feel. They will be collected under the category OUTSIDE IN. Feel free to join in!

Figments outside in

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My neck’s on the line here!



Posted as part of my Six Word Saturday musings; courtesy of Debbie at Travel with Intent. Will you join us there?

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Forest ride

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What a day


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With a languid hand he brushed away the cobwebs of his siesta…

― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez