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Looks can be deceiving

A grumpy looking dog. But looks can be deceiving! He was actually very sweet and I fell on my knees in front of him after asking his owner’s permission. Isn’t he cute in an ugly sort of way? Click the photo for an enlargement.

What is your favorite kind of dog? 

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your silver face calls

draws the blood tide through my veins

and I gaze, for hours


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Nine million bicycles… and more in the Netherlands

Dutch people cycle. They cycle to school, to the supermarket. They climb on a bike to go on holiday and go to work. Every household has at least one bicycle, mostly more.

The fact that our country is flat, might be a big reason for this mass transportation. There is a huge network of well maintained and well lit cycle paths. In fact they are so good that foreign car drivers often mistake them for normal roads!

Urban areas are frequently designed into residential areas, where bicycles and other slow traffic have priority over cars.

All these photos were taken in Breda this afternoon, in one district. Welcome to our street view 🙂

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Sunday post: Door


Will you still lead me

into a shaded courtyard 

when you crumble down?


Jake Sprinter – Sunday Post: Door

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Nikon 1

   Six Word Saturday:


Trying out my new Nikon 1

This camera is compact, light, and with my two lenses (10-30 & 30-110), perfect for what I want to capture. You can click on an image to see the enlargement.

Finally I can reach out and ‘touch’ far away animals, people and places.

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I am such a happy camper 😀


Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This week’s WordPress challenge: share a picture that means SUMMER to you.

Can you imagine waking up to the warmth of the sun and having this simple but delicious breakfast outside, where a light breeze is teasing you?

I can… *smiles*

Feel welcome to check out other photos of the Weekly Photo Challenge at!

PS Today it’s birthday pie for everyone!   🙂

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Murmuration of Starlings

Starlings like to flock together. They like to fly together. And they even like to coordinate an impressive air ballet together. In this video they are swarming like they are one organism in stead of multiple.

Beautiful illustration by © Louise Taylor

Please watch this video with me, it will only takes two minutes.

And a big Thank You to Michael Woods for pointing me towards this phenomenal video.

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Clouds over Holland

Last night, a thunderstorm threatened to break loose. But after a bit of growling, it settled down again.

I shot these photos with my iPhone, using clarity and a touch of HDR to bring out the clouds better.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

There was only one image that came to mind when faced with this week’s photo challenge: Hands.

This is a photo of the hands of the V-man and me during our symbolic wedding ceremony in 2009. A Harley wedding. Our friends even had rings made from nuts for us. No, not the organic ones, the metallic ones. 😉 The Harley-symbol is engraved in orange, while our ‘real’ rings are the round ones.

It was a magic day. And though our wedding is not legal, it was the best we could wish for. I missed my family and non-biker friends, but the warmth of our Harley buddies was sublime. I wrote about it back then, in Harley wedding July 12th 2009.

Hands, made to hold on to, to reach out and touch. 

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