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Nine million bicycles… and more in the Netherlands

Dutch people cycle. They cycle to school, to the supermarket. They climb on a bike to go on holiday and go to work. Every household has at least one bicycle, mostly more.

The fact that our country is flat, might be a big reason for this mass transportation. There is a huge network of well maintained and well lit cycle paths. In fact they are so good that foreign car drivers often mistake them for normal roads!

Urban areas are frequently designed into residential areas, where bicycles and other slow traffic have priority over cars.

All these photos were taken in Breda this afternoon, in one district. Welcome to our street view 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Nine million bicycles… and more in the Netherlands

  1. Yeah, great those bikes! Especially when living on the the 3rd floor and dragging the racingbike down the steep Dutch stairs and once down noticing that the house keys are still upstairs. So up again, leaving the bike unattended for less than a minute and Oeps!!… A promising day AFU, bike gone. Once I loved Amsterdam…..


    1. That is horrible! I’m so sorry Billy. I would go raving mad too. If thieves kept their hand to themselves in stead of grabbing other people’s stuff, the world would be a kinder place.


  2. I love that song! I wish we could bicycle more, but we live quite far out of town, it is rather hilly here and much of the year the weather is quite bad. Our road systems are not set up for bicycle friendly either. Maybe someday!


  3. Simply stated I love bikes. I remember a group of us catching the train to Arnhem renting bikes to ride through Holland’s National Park to the Kroller Muller (spelling) Museum to see the Van Gogh exhibit in 1990. What wonderful ride. And also sitting in a Amsterdam cafe watching a couple on a bike. While waiting for the light to change she GRACEFULLY got off and on in a dance of beauty. Yes Holland and bikes a perfect match.


      1. Thanks for the correct info. I is hard to remember details. We (artists) exhibited our work in the small art town Deventer. The first day there I rented a bike for my stay (4 weeks). One of my best rides was from Deventer to Ultrect (again spelling) Each day I would ride in a different direction from the town.


  4. Erg leuke fotoserie!
    In de tekst mis ik echter een zinnetje:
    Dat stelen van fietsen zo vaak gebeurt.
    Ik ging mijn herinnering eens na.
    Ben er in mijn leven zeker 13 kwijtgeraakt, wat een mooie zaten daarbij…


  5. Overly exaggerating view of the Dutch. You forget to mention that with almost 7 million automobiles the average per household is about 1.5 cars. The Dutch are using their cars far more than their bikes. Cars are used as much as bikes, if not more, for shopping and far more for holidays. Amost two-thirds of the Dutch bikes stands idle most of the year, not being used or forgotten. In the meantime Holland is turning fast into one large and ever broader stretch of asphalt in order to keep the cars going.
    That’s a matter of economy, stupid.


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