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Looks can be deceiving

A grumpy looking dog. But looks can be deceiving! He was actually very sweet and I fell on my knees in front of him after asking his owner’s permission. Isn’t he cute in an ugly sort of way? Click the photo for an enlargement.

What is your favorite kind of dog? 


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20 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving

  1. He is cute. My favorite kind of dog would probably be labs. I like bigger dogs, and labs tend to be large, yet very gentle and smart. Currently I have a greyhound and lab mix, that are both pound puppies (rescued dogs), and we love them dearly!


  2. Ja, een schatje, zeker met je beschrijving er zo bij… 🙂
    Ik kan nooit zo goed kiezen, vind ze al gauw lief, but hey, that’s me! 😉


  3. I think he is very cute actually. All that excess skin is something to sink a face into. 😀 Glad you got to love up on this one. My favorite are Doxies!! Smart, cute and fun.
    Much love,


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