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Cozy Corner

It arrived. IT ARRIVED! *dances around* My signed print of Cozy Night by Kim Parkhurst arrived by postman today. And he even rang twice, because I was at work. Fortunately I have a very nice postman. Plus very nice neighbors! 🙂

I saw this print on Pinterest two weeks ago, and exclaimed: ‘Hey, that’s Boris!’, followed a second later by ‘And Smokey!’, and after a moment I added in an even higher voice ‘Oooow and that’s me! Except for the gorgeous hair of course’. 😉 It was called Cozy Night. I grinned and closed Pinterest.

After five minutes I was still smiling about the picture and I couldn’t put it out of my head. After ten minutes I got very restless and opened the app again on my tablet, hoping to find it again. And I did. Five minutes later -click click click- I found myself on Etsy. And within another few minutes, I had bought myself a signed print. Lalalaaaaa.

Today a small note told me that there was something waiting for me next door. Could it be…? I rushed over and rang the bell. A white envelope with a smiling cat and a Dutch text found its way into my hands. The sender was from the United States. Oh yes baby, come to mama!

I’ll let the photos do their own talking:


Do you like my cozy corner?


I do! ❤

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Travel theme: Twist

The twisting lines of Antoni Gaudí‘s beautiful serpentine bench in Parc Guëll in Barcelona, Spain.


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Travel theme: Symbol

Newspaper Rock


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Newspaper Rock is a petroglyph panel etched in sandstone that records approximately 2,000 years of early man’s activity. Prehistoric peoples, probably from the Archaic, Basketmaker, Fremont and Pueblo cultures, etched on the rock from B.C. time to A.D. 1300. In historic times, Utah and Navajo tribesmen, as well as Anglos, left their contributions.

There are no know methods of dating rock art. In interpreting the figures on the rock, scholars are undecided as to their meaning or have yet to decipher them. In Navajo, the rock is called ” Tse’ Hane’ ” (rock that tells a story).

Unfortunately, it is not known if the figures represent story telling, doodling, hunting magic, clan symbols, ancient graffiti or something else. Without a true understanding of the petroglyphs, much is left for individual admiration and interpretation.

Newspaper Rock is listed on the United States Register of National Historic Places and it was designated a state historical monument in 1961.

Symbols are universal throughout the ages and their stories are as lively as they were thousands of years ago.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Unseen eyes were watching me, I felt it in my bones. Icy talons latched onto my spine and my intuition screamed. But when I turned, nobody was looking…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


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Street Art

My Saturday in Six Words



When I saw this photo, I immediately fell in love with it. A bleak and gray neighborhood and a single tree – and this lovely creature gently taking care of it. Suddenly everything is transformed and the world becomes a happier place.

The wonderful mural is made by Natalia Rak during the Folk On The Street Festival in Bialystok, Poland. You will find photos of the making of this street art under this link. Natalia, you’re a marvel!

Have a colorful Saturday.

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Layer by layer art strips life bare.

– Robert Musil


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Mirror Mirror

My Saturday in Six Words:


The newest film of Simon’s Cat, Mirror Mirror. For all cat lovers, and for those who might be one. 🙂

Though I try to avoid mirrors at the moment. After another night from hell there are black valleys of exhaustion under my eyes, and my lungs are dangling over my shoulders. Either the changing of seasons is troubling my trachea, or the thousands of people at the Roger Waters concert last Sunday have been aiming yukkie stuff at me. This never abating coughing keeps me awake – perhaps even the whole house and neighborhood, I have to check on that – causes my head to pound (or again it might be an after effect of The Wall drums) and makes me feel (and look) like a limp dishcloth.

So please excuse me, while I watch Simon’s Cat another twenty times. 😉 Have a healthy Saturday x


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