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A Bucket Full Of Hugs


Many miles keep us apart

and how I wish

I could cross this ocean

to take care of you.

But I can’t.

In stead I’m sending

positive thoughts

loads of patience

sweet dreams

peace and quiet

and a bucket full of hugs

with love

straight from my heart


Photo: National Geographic

A bit of warmth and well wishes for who needs them. But especially for my dear friend Jules. Stay warm, stay safe!



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9 thoughts on “A Bucket Full Of Hugs

  1. I love that poem! It expresses so well the feelings that come along with loving someone, yet being unable to be with them in person. Your poem is the perfect substitute for a real physical hug! And it lasts longer, too!

    Cheers to you. Keep on dancing in Holland-Heaven! 😆


  2. Aw!! This is SO sweet of you to think of me. The poem is lovely and the elephants adorable. ((hugs right back to you)) I will be hoping you enjoy the week coming ahead of you and I will write when I know how everything turns out on my end. Thank you so much!!
    Much love,


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