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Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Weekly Photo Challenge: share a picture that means ARRANGED to you! 

Last year I made this photo of the cobbled main street of Clovelly in the Torridge district of Devon, England.

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To be a King in Central Park – New York

This photo was taken on our trip to New York in 2010. Central Park is definitely my  favorite place in the Big Apple. Perhaps because I need to have green around me 😉

What is yours?

This photo was also published on my blog Photos of a Dutchess.
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Brand new car?

Six Word Saturday


Counter to zero. Brand new car!

Last week, when I stopped in front of my house after work, this was what I saw on the display of my little car. Suddenly she is brand new!

Well, today I’m going to take her for a little spin, driving to the north of Holland for another adventurous D&D weekend. Get some kilometers back on her counter.

Happy Saturday. And I’ll throw in a happy Sunday too. Have fun! 😀


Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

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Dog, Cat and Rat – interspecies triple-decker sandwich of love

These unlikely animal friends—a dog, cat and rat—have been attracting attention on the street and on the Internet (over 8 million views on YouTube). This interspecies triple-decker sandwich of love belongs to Greg Pike, spreading a message of peace and love wherever they go.

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This week’s prompt for One Single Impression is Miracle, provided by Geraldine of Take a Happy Break. It inspired me to write this haiku about the miracle of life:



magic spark ignites

into the new awareness

of a soul reborn


Haiku © Marion
Photo: free wallpaper 
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Wild Beauty

Six Word Saturday


Even on poor soil is beauty

Photo © Marion

I found this little plant hanging on for dear life to a heap of sand, which my partner used this morning for the garden path in my front yard. The tiny flower didn’t make it, but its image will live on.

Happy Garden Saturday


Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.


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Too Many Angels

Belgium and Holland are in mourning.

Tuesday evening a Belgian bus crashed in a Swiss tunnel. Twenty eight people died; twenty two of them were children. Another twenty four kids are injured. The group (Belgian and Dutch nationalities) was returning from a skiing holiday in le Val d’ Anniviers. Both drivers have lost their lives too.

The bus has somehow brushed against the tunnel wall, after which the driver lost control completely and the vehicle crashed head-on against the concrete wall. The pictures of the wreck are gruesome, I won’t show them.

Last year, my youngest son went to Italy with his school, also by bus. And worries about his safety troubled me greatly. Still you have to let go and trust all will be well. My son returned safely, but these poor families will be waiting forever for the return of their child. My thoughts go out to the parents and siblings, family, school and friends. So very sad. So horrible.

They left happy and excited about their ski trip and had wonderful stories to tell. But their voices are lost now. How many words are left unsaid. How many hugs will never be given.

There are too many angels who should still walk the earth. And not enough wings to fill the void.

You will be missed.

Photo © AFP / Georges Gobet
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Full praise for Andrew Huang. Extraordinary. Colorful. Eerie. Fascinating. Beautiful. Amazing. Haunting. But words are not sufficient, you should watch this experimental film for yourself!

Thank you for the inspiration, Anake Goodall!