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University Open Day; no weekend yet.



We get to welcome our visitors to our IT workshop LAByrint (labyrinth), where they can practice handwriting on our large digital Prowise board, play Osmo Tangram (an app for primary school) and program with the cute Bee-bot robots for young children.


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Layers of Life


Life dresses

in many layers

as daughter

best friend

lover and


but then

one by one

these sheets of life

are stripped away

until nothing’s left

but the bare core

the essence

the soul



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For Lia Daenen, co-worker and friend – Rest In Peace, sweetheart.

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Life is fragile


your heartbeat falters

taking you too far away

for us to follow


where ever you go

our love will accompany

your sweet and brave soul


hang on to our hands

we will hold you, in our heart

you’ll live on, always


Last Monday we received a message that Richard Verhoeven, one of our students, is very, very ill. Saturday he was found in cardiac arrest by his family. Ever since he has been in hospital, fighting for his life. Our academy is devastated, students and staff alike. This afternoon we received the horrible news that his parents and brother have to get ready to say goodbye.

A bright young man, only 19 years old. He is always ready with a smile, lending a hand where it is needed in a refreshing and spontaneous way. His enthusiasm inspires others on many occasions.

Richard, you are never far from my thoughts in these hours. Be strong, young friend. Be strong enough to stay, and brave enough to let go if that is what you must do. We are there with you and your family.



Today, Thursday, we were informed by Richard’s parents that Richard died yesterday evening.

~ Rest in peace, new angel. ~


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The Fair Man

Yesterday I stared into the eyes of a complete stranger. Non-stop, for ten seconds. No talking involved. It was interesting and weird. Afterwards I asked for his name, so he (Koen) was no stranger anymore 😉

It was a challenge during the annual Education Day of our university. The speaker told us that the average time married people look full into each other’s eyes is eight seconds a day. Only eight seconds?! Can anyone confirm that? I stare into V-man’s eyes much longer, but perhaps that is because we don’t live together.

On our way back to the academy, I saw this statue, with a fancy fair in the background. I jumped onto the bicycle path (yes, we have plenty of those in Holland), was almost run over by several vehicles, but managed to take this photo. The Fair Man.

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Photos Oriental Party

Photos of the oriental party of our academy last Friday, as promised:

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  1. the charming belly dancer
  2. workshop
  3. even male coworkers stepped in
  4. Dutchess & Vman
  5. party time
  6. part of my team, me on the right
  7. Dutch fries with mayonnaise as last snack, mmm


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Death, Harsh Master

Again you visited

sneaking in

and delivering the first blow

only to hit even harder

moments later

tattering the foundations

of our existence

You have done enough

for now, Death

take this departed soul

and keep him close

be gentle

‘Thank you’

for this reminder

of our mortality

the need

to make each day

precious and special

‘Thank you’

for showing the necessity

to tell our loved ones

once again

they are treasured

infinite, unconditionally

Thank you

and damn you

heartless and cruel


Harsh master

have mercy


Dedicated to Ab Bobbink, December 1st 2011
Text © Marion