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Life is fragile


your heartbeat falters

taking you too far away

for us to follow


where ever you go

our love will accompany

your sweet and brave soul


hang on to our hands

we will hold you, in our heart

you’ll live on, always


Last Monday we received a message that Richard Verhoeven, one of our students, is very, very ill. Saturday he was found in cardiac arrest by his family. Ever since he has been in hospital, fighting for his life. Our academy is devastated, students and staff alike. This afternoon we received the horrible news that his parents and brother have to get ready to say goodbye.

A bright young man, only 19 years old. He is always ready with a smile, lending a hand where it is needed in a refreshing and spontaneous way. His enthusiasm inspires others on many occasions.

Richard, you are never far from my thoughts in these hours. Be strong, young friend. Be strong enough to stay, and brave enough to let go if that is what you must do. We are there with you and your family.



Today, Thursday, we were informed by Richard’s parents that Richard died yesterday evening.

~ Rest in peace, new angel. ~



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14 thoughts on “Life is fragile

  1. This year at your academy included too much tragedy…hope next year will be better for all of you. So tragic all those ‘Angels’ you had to say farewell xxx


  2. The prays will be for the family now. The struggle of lost will have to be met with gain. A gain of friends, family, and support. Encourage all to reach out as far as they can extend!!!!


  3. Hoi Marion, wat een mooie woorden en gedachten, ze helpen stil te staan bij Richard en zijn familie en wat hen overkomt. Dank je..


  4. Lovely thoughts for Richard. And there are more coming now from around the planet. If it is in our power he will feel the love. Whatever his path for the future is, may it hold peace.
    Much love,


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