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Virtual Oxigen

My Saturday in Six Words


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A month ago, I came down with a viral respiratory infection and I got up again after a week. A couple of days later it came back to strike me down even harder. Several body parts decided to join in, so everything above my waist was painful. I have been occupying couch and bed for a week, while my books and 13th Street were occupying my mind.

Today I finally feel my levels of energy and oxygen rising a bit for the first time in over two weeks, the relentless coughing abating. I can slowly breathe deeper again, even dared to pick up the vacuum cleaner and wave it around downstairs. And that feels like such a blessing.

This feast of extreme and relentless coughing, gasping for air – especially at night – and sniveling happens to me twice a year, during the changing of the seasons. Asthma. Could allergies have something to do with it? It must be, for they adore me. They love me so much that they can’t leave me alone. But on October 24th I’m seeing a bio-resonance therapist who might be able to help. I have no idea what bio-resonance is or does, but will find out in less than two weeks.

So on this fine and sunny Saturday I want to send out virtual oxygen to all who battle a lung disease, to those who have a severe cold, to asthma and bronchitis patients, to anyone in need of a simple breath. Hang in there. I feel for you.

Have a healthy Saturday.

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30 thoughts on “Virtual Oxigen

  1. Thanks Marion, you don’t know how much I need it. I can understand your condition very well. Some breathing exercises really help. Wishing you good health.


      1. Very simple just concentrate on normal deep breathing.
        It can be done anytime , anywhere and for as long as you are comfortable. I was born with this which increased with age. Only Yoga gave me a lot of relief. My sincere love and hugs to you.


        1. My dear friend, I do hope you feel well. And I’m happy Yoga helps so much. I just went outside to do some grocery shopping and the irritation in my lungs immediately increased. For me it’s now certain that I’m indeed having an allergic reaction, for over a month now. Will keep your exercises in mind, thank you.
          Much love to you too. Have a peaceful weekend, Indira x


  2. Must be an allergy – it doesn’t really help to know what causes it because (like my house dust one) it is usually something one can’t avoid. Anyway, it’s obviously seasonal, so hopefully that’s it until next year!


  3. Thanks for the oxygen, in many forms. I’m sending you back peace and love and great gulps of pure air – feel better and breath in a lungful! (and blog about the bio-resonance after you find out about it!)


  4. Nothing is more terrifying than not being able to breathe. Glad to know you’re mending, and yes bio resonance, whatever it is, sounds at least a starting point. And let us know how you progress.


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