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Ignorant entity changes the world’s focus


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Viruses are the most common biological entities on Earth. And the terrible part of it is, that a virus is no sentient being. It just exists. It has no clue about its effects. If corona had a soul, it would weep bitter tears. Like us.

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Laugh and Embrace



Dear readers and friends, thank you all so much for the good things that you have shared with me and with each other over the past year. Inspiring writings and photographs, the beautiful and often touching words and images. They make this sweet world better.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2019. Stay healthy and live well. Take care of each other. Laugh and embrace.

Big kiss,

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6WS: Veg(etari)an

My Saturday in Six Words:

Changing food habits. Veggies, come hither!


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Recipe: Green energy smoothie

A bright summer’s day simple begs for a fruity start, with a twist of veggies. Continue reading “Recipe: Green energy smoothie”

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My mom called my dad names

and I am so very proud of her!

You see, my dad – almost 83 years old – hasn’t seen a doctor in over fifteen years. His faith in medicine is very small after taking (experimental) sleep medication years ago, prescribed by the family doctor. These pills were affecting him in very strange ways. For example: while driving, he suddenly wouldn’t know how to operate the car anymore. At full speed! Later we found out that this medicine literally drove people mad. So his aversion to doctors is understandable.

Lately dad hasn’t been feeling too well, but he just kept on going and didn’t say a word. Until one day at a shop, mom found him hanging on to a stand, hardly able to drive home. But seeing a doctor? Noooo way. Then the other day, he was holding his head, which – as he described it – was almost exploding. And he was dizzy. And tired as hell.

And that was the moment my mom called him names. Told him she had had it with him. That she had made an appointment at the family doctor and that he was going and that was the end of it. End of discussion. Eh discussion? NO discussion!

The next day, they walked to the doctor. By that time, he wasn’t able to drive their car anymore. The assistant (tipped by my mother to thoroughly examine him) ushered him into an examination room. Ten minutes later they called for an ambulance: dad’s blood pressure was up to 260, and his heart rate down to 38. After spending two days at the IC, he had an emergency operation last Friday. Since then he can call himself the proud owner of a pacemaker.

I drove to my parents’ home on Saturday with my youngest son Sean, and at 2 pm we received the call to come and pick him up at the hospital. Ten years ago you would have to spend a week in hospital after an operation like this; nowadays you are dismissed the day after. But perhaps it’s better this way, because now he can recuperate at home, in a safe and healthy environment.

So yes, my mother called my dad names. But if she hadn’t been that stern and strict, no one knows what could have happened. I am SO proud of my sweet tough little ol’ mom, for by doing so, she saved my dad’s life. Hurrah for strong women!

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Virtual Oxigen

My Saturday in Six Words


131012sixwordsimage: Yale Scientific Magazine

A month ago, I came down with a viral respiratory infection and I got up again after a week. A couple of days later it came back to strike me down even harder. Several body parts decided to join in, so everything above my waist was painful. I have been occupying couch and bed for a week, while my books and 13th Street were occupying my mind.

Today I finally feel my levels of energy and oxygen rising a bit for the first time in over two weeks, the relentless coughing abating. I can slowly breathe deeper again, even dared to pick up the vacuum cleaner and wave it around downstairs. And that feels like such a blessing.

This feast of extreme and relentless coughing, gasping for air – especially at night – and sniveling happens to me twice a year, during the changing of the seasons. Asthma. Could allergies have something to do with it? It must be, for they adore me. They love me so much that they can’t leave me alone. But on October 24th I’m seeing a bio-resonance therapist who might be able to help. I have no idea what bio-resonance is or does, but will find out in less than two weeks.

So on this fine and sunny Saturday I want to send out virtual oxygen to all who battle a lung disease, to those who have a severe cold, to asthma and bronchitis patients, to anyone in need of a simple breath. Hang in there. I feel for you.

Have a healthy Saturday.

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Yes, I confess: I’m an addict!

My Saturday in six words:



My morning ritual for the last six months involved bananas, pears, apples, kiwis, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, spinach, celery, Chinese cabbage, chicory, green salad, parsley, mint, water and linseed. Smooth and creamy fruit- and vegetable-drinks for breakfast. No more hypoglycemia downers, a calm belly and yes, even gradual weight loss. Plus it is healthy as hell heaven!

This morning the blender knifes were merrily making their rounds, when suddenly a weird sound screeched through my kitchen. I dived towards the blender and turned it off. Probably a piece of apple got stuck. Turning the blades was easy. Come on, sweet thing, do your job. More screeching and a bit of smoke…

My poor blender is no more. And my smoothie no smoothie. A sad mix of water and tiny bits of something was floating in the glass container. Tea and bread were the alternative.

Tomorrow I will go hunting for a new blender. Because I’m in smoothie withdrawal shock and don’t like that. Because I’m a smoothie-addict ever since I started last year. I even take them with me to work.

Have you ever made fruit-veggie (green) smoothies? Did/do you like them? 

Have a smooth weekend, all of you.

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Drat, Winter

My Saturday in six words:

Bleary eyes. Red Nose. Drat, Winter!



Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.

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