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Six Word Story Challenge: The Weather

This week a short, but hopefully interesting writing prompt in my Six Word Story Challenge: the weather.


Write a story about the WEATHER in just six words. Let a photo or image inspire you to write a story. Or first write the story, and then make or search for a picture to go with it.

Here’s a Six Word Story by Ernest Hemingway.


Such an impact and unseen images in only six words…

Publish your Six Word Story on your own website/blog and paste the link to that post in a comment to this one here at Figments. I will include your contribution in this post, forming a list of stories.

Will you join me? Will you? Say you do. :) And share the challenge news!

I look forward to your stories.



Who’s next? :)

The next challenge will be published on November 13. Doe je liever mee in het Nederlands, ga dan naar Verhaal in zes woorden met beeld: Het Weer.

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Allure

The world, indeed, is like a dream and the treasures of the world are an alluring mirage! Like the apparent distances in a picture, things have no reality in themselves, but they are like heat haze.

~ Siddhārtha Gautama


for a larger image, please click the photo

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Travel theme: Stone


for a larger image, please click the photo

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

One day I will heed your call again…


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Giving Thanks

My Saturday in Six Words:



image: Wikipedia

Yes, in that combination. For my family is heading over to my house for my DuTchess Thanksgiving as we speak. Mom will bring Limburgse vlaaien, just like the picture in the header, and I have made two apple pies. I also prepared a thick green pea-soup – to be eaten with bread rolls, and chili con carne – to be eaten with rice. But my crazy family probably will heap all together on one plate like they did last year with the spicy sauerkraut oven dish and the exotic Indonesian dishes. I rest my case.

When they arrive in half an hour, we will first attack the pastries and then drive to the woods of Dorst where the youngsters can run around and the oldsters can walk dignified and have deep conversations. Yeah, RIGHT 😉

Then back to my place for drinks and snacks, after which the aforementioned food will hit the table.

Have a nice weekend, all of you!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

All of my life, I have loved the colors of the earth: blue, brown, green, yellow – natural hues. Plus black, definitely black. In the recent years English red jumped into the competition and quickly climbed the charts. My house is slowly turning red (in combination with creamy white): first two walls of my bedroom, then the corridor. And soon the living room will follow.

You might think I would choose a red photo, but no. Because I want to show you this one:


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It’s part of a wall, a simple old wall. But this combination of blue and gold stole my heart. Not for my own house, but for all people who pass there and wish to see. The hue of me is golden blue.

What is the Hue of You

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Travel theme: Brown

This week’s Travel Theme is brown. And that color leads me straight to my photos of Portugal, where brown has such a rich hue.

Near the cabin where we stay, there’s a large market being held each Sunday morning. Everything is sold there: animals – chickens (both the alive and edible versions), dogs (I want to buy, if necessary free them all) – clothes, vegetables, bread, beds, tables, plants, shoes. You name it and it’s there. Like this marvelous pottery.


A brown restaurant, where we had a one-bowl dish of all kinds of stuff that shouldn’t be in there together – but tasted remarkably well.


Brown horses waiting patiently for tourists who are not able to use their own feet.


In Lisbon, we visited an exhibition at the police station. These rifles were on display, and a woman could not control herself: she just had to touch them. The moment she made contact, her cell phone rang. The lady jumped back, frightened to death and screaming. I was screaming too, because I almost peed in my pants. Laughing.


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Brown can indeed be beautiful, Ailsa, thanks for another great challenge!

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