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Travel theme: Brown

This week’s Travel Theme is brown. And that color leads me straight to my photos of Portugal, where brown has such a rich hue.

Near the cabin where we stay, there’s a large market being held each Sunday morning. Everything is sold there: animals – chickens (both the alive and edible versions), dogs (I want to buy, if necessary free them all) – clothes, vegetables, bread, beds, tables, plants, shoes. You name it and it’s there. Like this marvelous pottery.


A brown restaurant, where we had a one-bowl dish of all kinds of stuff that shouldn’t be in there together – but tasted remarkably well.


Brown horses waiting patiently for tourists who are not able to use their own feet.


In Lisbon, we visited an exhibition at the police station. These rifles were on display, and a woman could not control herself: she just had to touch them. The moment she made contact, her cell phone rang. The lady jumped back, frightened to death and screaming. I was screaming too, because I almost peed in my pants. Laughing.


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Brown can indeed be beautiful, Ailsa, thanks for another great challenge!

< < the button will lead you to more brown photos at Ailsa’s website Where’s my backpack?


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