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The Floriade 2012

My dear readers,

Today I dare you to follow me into the Dutch realms. Not to try and make you pronounce all the gibberish – though I would love to hear it – but to guide you to a palette of colors. Colors of people, art, cultures and flowers. An abundance of flowers…

I dare you. Go to the Floriade 2012 on my Dutch blog Doldriest and scroll down until you can click on the first small framed photo.

Be a part of the theatre of nature! A theatre you’ll experience with all your senses, because you’ll be playing the leading role alongside nature. Where you’ll learn about nature and find out just how important flowers, plants, trees, vegetables and fruit are in our daily lives. Where you can listen to beautiful music. And enjoy a relaxing moment or two dangling your feet in the water.

Come with me…

More information on this World Horticultural Expo in the Netherlands under this link


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10 thoughts on “The Floriade 2012

  1. That’s so funny. Today I was in a field which looked very similar to the first picture (here in Germany, of course) picking flowers for a friend. And it’s the very first time I’ve picked the flowers myself – you just pop the money in a locked box.


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