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La Douce France

Curious cows and sunny flowers in France.

We crossed the Jura and Vogezen mountains. Big Black pulled us up through a National Park, where there were trees, trees and more trees. An intense experience on a narrow road with lots of steep and tight corners. ‘Sit still and don’t look down’, I whispered to myself 😉

Thanks, V-man, for keeping us safe x







Listen to Douce France by Charles Trenet – thanks for the tip, Paula! 🙂

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Afternoon at the Geneva Lake

Switzerland. A new country after a magnificent climb over the Bernard Pass, crossing over from Italy.



The views were breathtaking, as was the winding road of the Alps.

We found a hotel in Vevey, with a view over the Lake of Geneva. You had to see through the trees though 😉 There was a music festival near the lake and V-man and I spent a great afternoon walking, talking, listening to music, reading and taking photos. The afternoon light of the Lake of Geneva was magical.






We had dinner upstairs. I hope I had veal in Madras sauce.


This gorgeous beauty we encountered on our walk through the town of Vevey.


For now I will say goodnight. It’s time for CSI in French. A welcome change from this series in Italian 🙂

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Love – Hate Relationship

Fresh air! Finally there’s fresh air in the air! I seem to have a love-hate relationship with Italy in summer.

The heat is sapping my strength. The motor helmet and jacket add to safety. But add triple to discomfort. While all Italians buzz past us, only dressed in shorts, shirt and slippers. Plus a helmet. Unbelievable.

Here again some photos of the Italian landscape, last night’s B&B which we found through the Harley Dealer in Levante, who called the owner. She, Susanna, came by car to lead us and our Big Black to her house in the middle of nowhere on a mountain. Beautiful! And a challenging small path with U-turns for V-man to navigate on.

Today we rode north again and are now in Ivrea. A hotel with WiFi, resulting in this post which I’m typing on my iPhone. No fancy editing of the header, I’m sorry 😉

The weather is changing here, there was a bit of lightning earlier on.

And now I’m going to take shower number 275 of this week. Have a lovely weekend.









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Light in Dark Places



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Photos on the go of Tuscany

I hope you will enjoy these photos of our journey, sharing the beauty of this wonderful region.

We’re in Greve at the moment.









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Prehistoric life

Yesterday we visited the Orto Botanico and Museum di Storia Naturale in Florence, Italy.

The weather was searing hot, the plants thirsty and so were we. But when you see the beauty of exotic plants, in combination with an exhibition of ‘real life’ dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, you forget about the heat for a while.

More photos of the flora and statues when I’m home again, since they are on my camera.

For now I’ll leave you with this deer.


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The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings – animated

I am SO very sorry. Upon rechecking these links – I wanted to continue watching – suddenly the message appeared that the videos have been removed by the user.

😦 😦 😦


Look, look, LOOK!

The Hobbit

The Lord Of The Rings

The Return Of The King

I remember that I breathlessly watched one part of Lord of the Rings (animated) when I was still living at home… and that the sequel was never shown. Well, now I have found it, all in these films! 😀

So much fun comparing them to Peter Jackson’s movies.

Will you watch them with me? If only for a little while?

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Harley Dogs

Dogs have four legs. Small dogs too. Most people think these little ones are ‘cute’ and ‘cuddly’.

People have two legs. Harley people too. Most people think bikers are ‘sturdy’ and ‘tough’.

One might come to the conclusion that small dogs and Harley riders do not have much in common. But here you are wrong!

Personally I would never dress up a dog like this. Plus I prefer big dogs and silly cats. But as long as the animals are comfortable in their outfit and have fun, I don’t mind. Perhaps I should take my cat with me on our tours. Hmm, he would probably scratch me to pulp and take off. Perhaps better not 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These photos were sent to me by my partner, V-man, who writes Bikermaniac’s Blog (in Dutch).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming…

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of a slower pace


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