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Why Teachers Drink

This is why:

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11 thoughts on “Why Teachers Drink

  1. All this time I didn’t know I was driving my teachers to drink. I thought msome of the things I came up with were pretty good and were carefully thought out. Like for example what was Sir Walter Raleigh famous for. I’d say he founded a colony promply lost it and then he ***ed off the queen and she did off his head

    As for historical figures I have little or no respect for most of them but my answers do work properly most of the time yet my process of getting them is interesting. Like there is a problem that asks how do you use a barometer to determine the height of the building I say climb to the top of the building and drop the barometer off the building timing the rate of descent and stop the clock with the barometer crashes into the ground. They didn’t specify that the solution cannot break the barometer so why should they complain about it? Or that they want the barometer back. So if they don’t have any requirements listed except for getting the height of the building then in my opinion the simpliest way that actually does get a halfway decent answer is valid. Since lots of times the more complicated something is to do the more likely you are to break something you need, lose the thing or have to adjust or modify it because is doesn’t work at all you gotta find out why and if it’s way too complicated then it’s hard to find the stupid error or adapt the thing or fix it if the thing breaks. There is a principal call KISS. Keep it simple stupid. I didn’t come up with that someone else did but I have experience with life enough to know it’s fairly true.

    I think yet part of the reason some students make teachers crazy and the reverse is true as well is they have a different perspective definately and probably a different way of thinking maybe we should think about the answers they give and figurehow they think to unlock that student’s potentional or find out at least how they approach life a bit so we can be more clear on test questions about the limits since you have wild miscreants in your classroom who basically have no real respect for anything or anybody. They can be a howl to have around or be frustrating as heck. It’s your decision whether to laugh or scream your head off. Knowledge can be fun. I certainly have alot of fun with it. With the roman invention question I’d say burocracy, justinian law and roads


  2. Great fun to read and some of the answers aren’t so bad anyway 😉 In our carnivalsedition (=big magazine with what to do where in those four days of fun) there is always a little piece written by a teacher and that’s just like your pictures. He’s sharing with us what the youths (11-12 years old)answer @ tests….hilarious. 🙂


  3. Examen Nederlands voor anderstaligen:
    Wat vraag je als je wil weten of de zon schijnt?
    antwoord: Hoe schijt de zon?

    Sorry voor het expliciete woordgebruik, maar toen heb ik echt gelachen tijdens het verbeteren van de examens…met een glaasje wijn…;-)


  4. Humor en nog eens humor! Die kleine ratten zijn vaak heel erg grappig ten koste van solide en saaie kennis. Met veel plezier gelezen. Ik lach me rot. Maar ik ben dan ook geen leraar!


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