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CB&W: Dutch Bike



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The Bicycle

My entry in the Six Word Story Challenge: Transport




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Today we are challenged by Terence S. Jones of A Guy With a Camera to share a photo that means URBAN.

The idea behind urban photography is to photograph your city and the streets where you grew up as they are. Unlike the photoshopped pictures to which we are accustomed nowadays, urban photography presents a more direct, unaltered view of life. It is about documenting urban living space and how people adapt their environment to certain needs and vice versa. Urban photography shots provide cultural, social, economical, and ecological context all at once, and can capture social tension.

Seeing is the key here: focus on what you see, what objects you find—discarded belongings on the street, satellite dishes on a building, shoes on a wire—and what they suggest about the people living there.

And if there’s something I normally do not take pictures of, it is urban scenes – preferring nature photos. Still I found one:

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For me, this is an urban photo pure sang.


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Nine million bicycles… and more in the Netherlands

Dutch people cycle. They cycle to school, to the supermarket. They climb on a bike to go on holiday and go to work. Every household has at least one bicycle, mostly more.

The fact that our country is flat, might be a big reason for this mass transportation. There is a huge network of well maintained and well lit cycle paths. In fact they are so good that foreign car drivers often mistake them for normal roads!

Urban areas are frequently designed into residential areas, where bicycles and other slow traffic have priority over cars.

All these photos were taken in Breda this afternoon, in one district. Welcome to our street view 🙂

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