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Wine of the Month – sold out

The Wine of the Month? I’m sorry, but we’re all sold out. Those people over there drank the last bottle.


Our heads swing in perfect harmony in the direction of the waitress’ finger, while our brains try to digest this information.

Eh, excuse me, but what day of the month is it again?


I said, do you know what day of the month it is?

Yes, it’s February 1st.

And you are telling us that the Wine of the Month is already sold out? And those people drank it all?!

It was.

Last Saturday the V-man and I went out for dinner with our two dear friends M&M. We do that every other month. And we alternate in finding new establishments, keeping our finds secret until we park at the door of the restaurant.

Our friends picked a very original place: bistro Nok, situated in the ancient Prison Gate in Woudrichem. This gate was part of the fortifications of the town, dating back to the sixteenth century. Nowadays the building is used as a restaurant, though in the 19th century, the food for the prisoners must have been of a much lesser quality.


After climbing four stairs, we arrived in an amazing space. Only three other tables and a charming hostess. Dining directly under the rafters does feel special. And feeling special is a very good reason to drink a glass of delicious Spanish red wine. But we were not that lucky. The waitress, sympathizing with our astonishment, promised to find a wine of similar quality, matching our main course. She rushed down the stairs.

Ten minutes later she returned with two different bottles, one French, the other Italian. With panache she told us all about these great wines and we were almost forgetting about the Wine of the Month, when…

So both are very good wines. But there is a slight problem.

Which is?

These are both the last bottles.


Excuse me, but did you just say these are the last bottles? You bring two bottles of wine to our table and then tell us these are the last of their kind? And the Wine of the Month is sold out? What kind of restaurant is this?

Our hostess smiled and smiled, gritted her teeth and smiled some more. We told her she shouldn’t take our comments personal, but that some changes in the purchase policy of the restaurant might be in order. When I – trying to be helpful – suggested a wholesale for food professionals, she almost fainted. Apparently the wines at that wholesale were beneath them.

Well, at least they have more than one bottle.

I muttered.

Ah, but we get to taste different wines now!

the V-man said to lighten the mood. And the mood got even lighter when we tasted the delicious food, YUM.



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