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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

For this challenge, Cheri Lucas Rowlands of WordPress, wants us to capture two images – a horizontal and a vertical version – of the same scene or subject. There are no concrete rules, but it should be evident that both shots are of the same place/location or person/thing, and the photographs should ideally have been taken during the same shoot.

My contribution: two versions of a part of the Oskar Hansen’s Hoover Dam Memorial.



And for dessert – as these are both from a horizontal perspective (front and back) so not really suited for this challenge, but who cares after seeing this beauty 😉 – I want to show you two different shots of this classy Old Timer at the Hackberry General Store on Route 66.



for a larger image, please click the photos

Which version of both photos do you like best?

<< other Two-Way Shots are hiding under the button of the Daily Post at


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34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

  1. I like the second in both sets better, although they’re all good photos. The second of the statue pulled me upward and had a sense of power. In the second of the car, I like the whimsey of the stop sign with the rust car.



  2. Lovely old car! Needs a good polish, though.
    The two shots are both excellent, and although I find I like the first one more I must admit that the image it conveys is of someone about to dive, whereas the wings make it more likely that they are about to take flight which makes the second one more valid.


    1. I love the car more too, but that wasn’t exactly a correct entry in the challenge, since that was only from horizontal vision. The instruction was to both use a vertical and horizontal take on a subject. As I did with the sculpture.

      What I was curious about: which version of the sculpture and which version of the car do you like most? 🙂


  3. I prefer the vertical take on the statue, it seems far more impressive that way. And I like the backside of the car better, because of the combination with the STOP sign 😉 As if the poor critter could ever drive again.


  4. I like them both very much, of course – the Hoover Dam photos are always close to my heart having grown up so close to the dam. Lovely perspective. Love you.


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