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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Inspire curiosity with your photography of culture, is Aaron Joel Santos‘ assignment this week. And here is my take on Portuguese culture:

~ please click the photos for a larger image ~

130427culture6This characteristic church near Óbidos is a beautiful and cultural part of Portugal, but to me culture is about people!


~ Relaxing, taking it easy… but always together in twos and threes.


~ A typical Portuguese snack stand, with nuts, seeds, corn and bananas, plus sweetness.


~ Bent after a full life of work, but still active and participating in black and hard-earned wrinkles. Beautiful!


~A stately gentleman in holiday suit, still safe from the busloads of tourists who will soon arrive.

In the header the food these hospitable people always provide for hungry travelers. We keep coming back to taste and feel Portugal. Bits and pieces of my heart can be found everywhere…

Thank you, Aaron Joel Santos, for providing us with this Cultural Photo Challenge!