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6WS: Operation Temptation

My Saturday in Six Words:

And so the cat hunt starts


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Yesterday my red tomcat Boris, whom I owned for only six weeks before he disappeared, finally returned to the neighbor’s back yard after five weeks! He’s alive! He is very frightened and emaciated, the poor thing. Plus out of his mind, because he is in the wrong garden. But I’m relieved, and proud of him for finding his home again. Sort of. Unfortunately Boris takes off whenever I come too near. Plus he’s hiding in dense holly bushes, so I can’t reach him.

Now the trick is to get him into MY garden. I have tried to lure him out for two days, but he won’t leave his safe place. I have called the vet and the animal shelter for help, and they provided me with a cat trap. So tonight, I’m going on a cat hunt. And these are my weapons:

Please, keep your fingers crossed that soon I’ll be able to hold him, cuddle and feed him. We all miss him terribly.

Have a safe weekend!

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Operation Temptation was successful! Boris is safely back home and will stay in a room for now. He is very affectionate, has eaten and is now sleeping after a thorough cuddle. I think he came back just in time: he is so very skinny, I can feel his bones. The poor dear ♥ Thank you all so very much for your kind comments and support.