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Today an Angel was born
in hope transformed
from woman and daughter
to memories

Hollow arms, empty
crave for her warmth
they stretch, defeated
in search of her presence

Patches of laughter
echo through silence
in light and shadow
her energy is captured

Forever young
Forever loved

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For Nancy and Paul, who lost their daughter Heather.
She is now reunited with her brother Declan.
Much love,

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Rest In Peace, Mr. Nelson Mandela



December 5th, 2013


his long walk on earth

has finally ended

Nelson Mandela

now lingers in heaven

and it is up to us

to you and me

to follow in his footsteps

to continue

find new ways

and lead

over the rim

to freedom


Rest in Peace




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Layers of Life


Life dresses

in many layers

as daughter

best friend

lover and


but then

one by one

these sheets of life

are stripped away

until nothing’s left

but the bare core

the essence

the soul



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For Lia Daenen, co-worker and friend – Rest In Peace, sweetheart.