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Working from home

After working from home for several weeks now, with multiple screens and many video-meetings, I can relate to this poor man completely! 😉

How are you coping?

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CB&W: People at work



“Better the butcher than the meat.”

~ George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons


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Life’s a Bitch

Really, Life?

You’re kidding, right?

Is this some kind of sick, screwed up joke?

Why can’t you pick on somebody else? Someone mean, someone evil. Why do you threaten a man who has worked hard all of his life, from dawn ‘till dusk? Someone who is finally done serving the community and crossed the threshold into retirement only a month ago? A man who has been nothing but gentle, kind, helpful and dedicated. A man who is an expert in his field of work. An inspiration and mentor to me.

At least end the terrible pain and grant him some happiness with his loved ones. His wife, children and grandchildren. That’s the least you can do.

Please, Life, Goddess, God, Energy –by whatever name you wish to present yourself– please show mercy and perform a miracle.

Life, I do love you. But today, today I hate you.

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Six Word Saturday

Finally dusting off my work bag…


… because Monday I’m heading back to work. I don’t know for how many hours, since computer / cell phone screens and my eyes and brain still don’t agree and cause nausea, but the vertigo and swirling is abating. And I miss my colleagues and friends at the university, miss being useful. On January 12th finally the appointment with an ophthalmologist at the hospital. I might kiss him – or her; I don’t really care at this stage. 😉

Have a free Saturday.


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Not Dressed Yet

My Saturday in Six (and a half) Words:


Quiet. It’s been much too quiet around Figments of a DuTchess. The figments have gone into hiding, sheltering from the mass of work input. Work that normally is balanced between planning and creativity. Managing and writing. Working and spare time. But these last months I’m diving under in Excel schemes and scheduling, coming up for a quick breath and then going down again in exam planning. It’s eating up my Muse. And I hate that! This madness has got to stop. I need to empty my head, so other stuff can sneak back in. So now, indeed, I’m not in daytime mode yet. The Muse needs my attention, before anything else is done. Don’t come calling at my door, because I can’t open: I’m not decent yet!

Is age catching up on me? Or is the work load simply too heavy? My partner-in-work-crime has collapsed under the pressure and is now trying to find her balance again, struggling hard. I miss her each day. She’s the one who keeps me sane through the madness. We laugh and curse, work and rebel together. Get well soon, sweetheart. ♥

Yesterday our students graduated in a festive ceremony. Our team has worked so hard to get this done, and all went well. Many compliments and heart-felt hugs to my colleagues at the academy – you are simply the best. In the evening we all celebrated the start of the summer holidays with a delightful dinner. Only a ‘lucky’ few – including myself – will still have to work next week, but most are off on their six weeks freedom tour. Enjoy!!


Have a happy Saturday!


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Travel theme: Work

When does your shift end?

I’m tied up ’till 6 this evening.

Great, let’s stick together then.


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My Saturday in six words:



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… and dream a bit longer, for Monday it’s back to work after five weeks of glorious freedom. Have an infinite weekend!

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