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Faces of Africa – 44

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Faces of Africa – 24

Two women, preparing the traditional nsima porridge at school.

Nsima has become the “staple” food of Malawi, much like bread, rice, pasta or potatoes are in other cultures. Nsima is thick starchy porridge made from corn, cassava, or other starch flour. The nsima porridge is formed into hamburger-size patties by scooping the porridge with a wet wooden spoon and flipping it onto a plate. The patty congeals in contact with the cool wet spoon and plate. Marble size pieces are broken off and rolled into a ball in the palm of the hand with the fingers. A final dimple is pressed into one side of it. It is then dipped in ndiwo (the sauce of vegetables or meat).

source: Friends of Malawi


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Faces of Africa – 13



Her husband died last year and their house was swept away by the rains. She lives with her children and grandchild in their former kitchen, only a bit of land with corn for food. Her son attends the primary school we visited. But she bears her burdens with pride, dignity and in silence.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life


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