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Sunday Post: Window

There are many windows in many forms. Windows to let the world in and windows to keep it out. Windows to bar, others to decorate. Will you look through mine?

~ please click the photos for a larger image ~

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Travel theme: Multiples

Multiple images, Ailsa wants to see as this week’s travel theme. Here are my captures:

The windows of the Aviva Rugby stadium in Dublin.


Multiple beer kegs. Unfortunately they were empty: 😉


Hungry goats in a row:


Multiple names, also in Dublin:


A sea of multi-purpleness:


A nest of waste bags. Always too many…


But there are never enough hearts!


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2013 – Be Welcome!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year! May it bring you much laughter, hugs and good health. Plus buckets of inspiration.


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‘Microsoft’ Hacking Attempt?

This morning I got one of the strangest phone calls of my life. And I’ve had a few 😉

My house phone rang, and when I looked at the number, I saw only zeroes. Weird! I answered the phone and a man in an urgent voice asked me if I was the owner of the resident. In perfect English, with an American accent. Yes, I said, why? And are you the main user of the computer in the house? Again a yes, of course. And who am I speaking to?

M’am, I’m from Microsoft in the USA and we’ve been notified through a crash report that your PC is in grave danger. I need you to start your computer and follow my directions.

A deep silence on my end of the line. What the heck? Or should I say, what the hack?!!

Eh, sir, come again?

M’am, your PC is in danger and I need you to take immediate action. Soon it will be too late and then the motherboard will be irreparably damaged. Please, go to your computer and I will show you the errors with your own eyes, and what you can do to protect it.

My eye brows were passing my hair line by that time.

I will do no such thing, it is working perfectly.

Again, I urge you to follow my directions, or else Microsoft can’t be held responsible for this, it is on your head then. Your Windows Operating System is in danger.

My temper and suspicion flared brightly.

If YOU think that I will follow orders from a unknown man from the ‘USA’ during a weird phone call, and type unknown commands into my dear computer, you must be out of your mind. Since when is Microsoft this concerned about its OVERSEAS customers? In the Netherlands?! I do NOT believe a word you say and will NOT act on your orders. Goodbye!

Yeah, ‘Microsoft man’, your service is excellent, I must say. And you scared the shit out of me. How did that man get my personal telephone number? Spooky!

Have you ever had this kind of experience? And what did you do?