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Wool, cloth and beads. Pippi Longstockings.

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WPC: Sweet

An impressive oldtimer, with this sweetie as centerpiece!




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Silent Sunday


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Six Word Saturday

Children’s magic: Lego back to life.


My youngest son came over with his girlfriend and her two children. And guess what they found, hidden in a big chest?

Indestructible Lego, favorite toy throughout the years. ♥


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For this challenge, I asked for my sons’ help. It has been a long time since either one of them played with toys, apart from Nintendo’s, PC’s, PlayStation, and whatever these gaming wonders are called.

Shooting this photo took me back to my kids’ childhood days. As you can see, there is dust on this poor fellow’s cute head now. But he’s still up there, on the shelves. Too old to play, but too young to say goodbye to echos of their younger days.

Another photo of a toy, but this time a big one: it is a water device and this boy was totally intrigued, absorbed by its mechanism.


Non-existing time

concept of men, you’re only

a dream come untrue 


Time charges ahead

Waiting for nothing, no one

but the playful ones


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Haiku © Marion Driessen


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