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Peanut Bar is Opened!



Great and blue tits, sparrows, robins, turtledoves, magpies, and finches. Jackdaws and starlings. Each day they visit the Peanut Bar in my backyard. For the little ones, there are nutritious fat bulbs and grains, and the larger guests indulge in the salt-free peanut butter. The magpies, too big to sit on the stick, flutter in front of it, or dangle almost upside down.

And the cats, they enjoy the Bird TV, and comment from behind the window.


Have a wonderful Sunday.

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Spirit of Summer Returns

My Saturday in Six Words:



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Sunday Post: It’s Mother’s Day, Mom, again!

On Mother’s Day, I think of my Mom. Actually I think of my mother every day! With a grin, because she’s so direct. With a smile, because she’s so down-to-earth. With love, because she’s such a sweetheart. She’s part of my daily life, my role model since I was young.

So commerce, I don’t need your advertisements. I don’t have to give her an iPad, or perfume. No, what my mother wants is to chat on regular basis; to meet as a family as often as we can. And I’m not allowed to bring her any gifts then. But of course I don’t listen and do it anyway. Something small that she can use every day. So perhaps she thinks of me each day too, just for a moment.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Just like yesterday, just like tomorrow. I love you.


Have a maternal Sunday.

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