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WPC: Out of This World

frost models raindrops

into ice inspired lines

bewitching water



My entry in this week’s challenge:

Share a picture that takes us on a journey into the unknown.


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Travel theme: Broken


Broken, but more beautiful.141018broken2

Lost part of his tail, but got away with his life.141018broken4

No more cruising for this baby.


By all means, be my guest.


One puff of wind and…

click for details



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand


for a larger image, please click the photo

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Quintin Lake of Quintin Lake Architectural Photography challenges us to share a photo that means GEOMETRY.

‘This challenge is about the shapes and rhythms that make up the geometry of our world. Many photographs of any genre have an underlying sense of geometry, but I often like to make this the main subject of my work. I think it’s the most important aspect of a photograph’s success. This could be the patterns of the natural world up close and personal, or the rhythm of your local buildings.’

My contribution for this week:

~ click the photo for a larger image ~


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