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Travel theme: Statues





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


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Travel theme: Sculpture


dressed in moss and greens

your silent smile is captured

in eternal youth



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Art of Dublin

Another post in my series about Dublin: the Art of Dublin:

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Light in Dark Places



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Prehistoric life

Yesterday we visited the Orto Botanico and Museum di Storia Naturale in Florence, Italy.

The weather was searing hot, the plants thirsty and so were we. But when you see the beauty of exotic plants, in combination with an exhibition of ‘real life’ dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, you forget about the heat for a while.

More photos of the flora and statues when I’m home again, since they are on my camera.

For now I’ll leave you with this deer.


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Whiff of the East


A whiff of the East

descended on my garden

Center of stillness


Photo © Marion Driessen

Earlier this year, this beautiful Japanese ornament (on the right) was given to me as a thank-you from the Karate club. My dear friend Jan searched a long time to find me something this special. I love the peace and quiet the pagoda brings, just by looking at it.

Thank you, Jan.

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The Fair Man

Yesterday I stared into the eyes of a complete stranger. Non-stop, for ten seconds. No talking involved. It was interesting and weird. Afterwards I asked for his name, so he (Koen) was no stranger anymore 😉

It was a challenge during the annual Education Day of our university. The speaker told us that the average time married people look full into each other’s eyes is eight seconds a day. Only eight seconds?! Can anyone confirm that? I stare into V-man’s eyes much longer, but perhaps that is because we don’t live together.

On our way back to the academy, I saw this statue, with a fancy fair in the background. I jumped onto the bicycle path (yes, we have plenty of those in Holland), was almost run over by several vehicles, but managed to take this photo. The Fair Man.