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CBW: Tender Moment


My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He believed in me.

— Jim Valvano

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Mother and son. Movies and popcorn.


photo: Pixabay

Mother and son.

Movies and popcorn.

My V-man is occupied otherwise, and my eldest son is out for the weekend. That leaves my youngest son Sean and me with a free Saturday afternoon and evening. Oh yes, quality time!

The weekend is here. What is your plan for today? 😀
Whatever it is, make it a good one!

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No matter what

March 7th, 2013

My sons,

On this late-winter evening, a light rain is gently wiping the dust from my window. You are both safe and close, gaming in your rooms, and throwing an occasional remark up and down the stairs, with me in the middle. I am sitting here, silent, contemplating our lives together.

Twenty-one years ago you came into my life, Nick. Small and red, screaming your lungs out. So very different from today, when you are very composed – much more than I am. Sometimes I wonder who the adult is when we have an argument. The passionate emotional mother and her son, who puts all back in perspective. You have grown into a fine young man, and find your way in life with determination and calmness.

Then three years later you arrived, Sean, son number two. So alike, yet so very different. Calm on the outside but much more turbulent on the inside. The silent type you are, my ‘little’ one. Once you looked up at me, but now you have to bend over to come close. Not too close of course, that’s ‘not done’ at your age. My quiet dreamer with delicate humor, who still needs to explore his future.

I treasure you both. Your hugs – though I first have to catch you, Sean, to steal one. I treasure your funny comments and smiles – sometimes at my expense, but that’s quite OK. One day I will get back at the two of you! I love your integrity and steadfastness. At times you both are pigheaded and perk, at other times sweet and surprising. And though we do not always agree, we try to work it out and find better ways. Know that I will be here for you whenever you need me. For a talk, a hug or food. Because you are always in for a snack and cookies. In that way, you are very alike, pair of locusts! 

I am proud of you both, no matter what. I am thinking of you both each day, no matter what. And I love you both dearly, forever and always, unconditionally. No matter what…

Your mother,

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Share a picture which means SURPRISE to you! is Sara Rosso’s challenge today.

Can you imagine my pleasant surprise when I first saw this photo? My two sons in a suit, dancing! They are the ones right after the lady with the handkerchief. They went to Turkey with their dad a couple of weeks ago, to celebrate the wedding of their stepbrother and his lovely bride. When my ex-husband sent me this picture, I was delighted. My boys are growing into men. I know the quality of the photo is not good, but it’s the thought that counts, right? At the next party I’m going to drag them to the dance floor! 😉


Something else that never fails to surprise me is the moon in clear daylight.


And… surprise!


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It’s so hard to believe that my two grown-up (18 and 21 years old) sons were like this only eight years ago.

I love the mischievousness of my youngest in this picture, and the go-on-take-the-damn-picture-already attitude of my eldest.

I am blessed for having them in my life.

Jeez, seems like I’m going through a bird-is-leaving-the-nest-soon phase 😉

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The Bird Will Soon Leave The Nest

My youngest son Sean has passed his exam. HE DID IT!! He called earlier to give me this excellent news. We talked for a bit and then I broke down crying for joy in the arms of a professor at work, oh pffff.

Sean, cheers, I’m so very, very proud of you!

Now Maastricht University is waiting, student life is beckoning…

*jumps around*

Love you,
your mom

Sean is the one in horizontal position, with the red clown nose 😉

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Black Is Beautiful

Six Word Saturday:


Beautiful Black. At night. In Daytime.


3.30 am: wide awake
4.30 am: in car
4.50 am: arrival at destination
6.10 am: arrival of target

Yes, youngest son on a day tour to London with his school. He left in the middle of the night and arrived again in the same conditions.

I felt like a private investigator while I was waiting, but perhaps I’m reading too many thrillers. The night was gentle and the long wait was not irritating. In fact, it was relaxing to watch cats at hunt in the dark of the night, to hear birds greet the early morning, one not necessarily related to the other. In the light of a lonely street lantern the letters of my book were barely legible. When my son and his three friends (age 18) arrived, I guided them to my little car. Let’s say it was cozy inside 😉 After which I was welcomed by a warm bed to sleep in on this Saturday, April 21st.

Later today, we visited V-man’s brother, who needed help in electric stuff. While the men were busy, I could not control myself any longer and went outside. To the neighbors. Who have horses. Magnificent creatures. I absolutely adore this black horse. Her name is Pietje, the daughter informed me. Pietje is a boy’s name. But who cares when this black beauty comes strolling towards you and gently muzzles your fingers…

Black is beautiful, at night and in daytime. And especially on Saturdays!


Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.


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Tea & Sleep – The Best Remedy

A sweet gentle

a cup of

and lots of

for my son, who landed on his neck at gymnastics this morning after a heroic backward jump over a rope. Nothing happened yet. But after an hour he got real weird symptoms, like losing the feeling in his hand, black spots in front of his eyes and not being able to read, so I got a call from school to pick him up. Luckily those symptoms are all gone now, but he still has a severe headache, a painful neck and is shivering. The doctor told me to rouse him every hour in daytime, and every two hours during the night, to make sure he doesn’t have a concussion.

He’s half asleep now 🙂 Feel better soon my son!