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Change of the Season

Images speak without words. And here, at Figments, you see lots of them. But every now and then some words are needed to release the flow that is bottled up inside. A flow that is constantly changing, learning and growing. This flow is called life, and each day our lives are altered by the choices we make, the people we meet. My life is enriched by you all, my friends. Thank you so much.

And now autumn of 2013 has arrived. A season of ripeness and harvesting. We can look back at a glorious summer and have to get ready for winter. And I need to wish you all a blessed Fall in abundance. A time to get together with your loved ones. When sun shines on warmest colors, mornings in crispy coldness and yes, also storms and rain. In stead of avoiding it, step out and feel that rain. Let it gently caress your face and wash you clean; dance with head uplifted.

Each season has a special charm and in the autumn of my life, I treasure, respect and say thanks for all that is given me. Even rain showers. 😉

How about you? Are you affected by the changing of the seasons? By the summer that has gone by or the spring that is about to begin on the other side of this planet? Please share.


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Autumn colors

My Saturday in Six Words:



Well, it’s the old color, but applied anew in highlights (blond) and lowlights (brown). No one sees it but me, I spent hours in the hairdresser’s chair and I had to pay eighty euros to walk out without being arrested. Still it always feels good.

Have a Happy Fall weekend. Stay upright!

PS I’m glad you don’t know how many photos I had to make (and delete) before I was at least a bit content 😛

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