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Christmas Dinner: a Taste of Hungary



Later today, V-man’s family is coming over for an early Christmas dinner. One of the things we are going to serve them is this goulash. I used my mom’s recipe and added a few things of my own. The result is full and spicy. Continue reading “Christmas Dinner: a Taste of Hungary”

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Recipe: Green energy smoothie

A bright summer’s day simple begs for a fruity start, with a twist of veggies. Continue reading “Recipe: Green energy smoothie”

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Recipe: Dutch Pea Soup

Winter recipe for winter days: Dutch Pea Soup Continue reading “Recipe: Dutch Pea Soup”

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Mediterranean Bread

Inspired by Italy, and by my Facebook friend Anja, I decided to make a Mediterranean bread today. Meaning, I threw in everything that felt sunny and warm. Continue reading “Mediterranean Bread”

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Dream Vacation Recipe

Are you still not sure where to go to during your holiday this year? Well, whatever you do, don’t despair for your savior is near! *points at herself* 😉 Distilling your dream destination is simply finding the right ingredients and then combining them. Just fill in the blanks, add them up et voilà.

Shall I give you an example of my favorite vacation recipe? Hint: you’re supposed to say ‘yes’ now.


absolutely avoid: tourists

action: moderate *points at her stupid back*

atmosphere: mysticism

budget: … next question please!

climate: sun, not too hot, bit of wind

company: a biker maniac

environment: open, green, authentic

landscape: hills, rough, sweet

means of transportation: horse

must-sees: castles, menhirs, meadows, sheep, grass

preferred season: summer

The only dissonance in this recipe is the ingredient ‘budget’. Too bad we can’t eliminate it. But even with a shortage of budget, the cake will be fantastic.

Let’s see what my Dream Vacation Recipe will be: on an (iron) horse in summer, riding in the sun – not too hot, a bit of wind – through an open undulating green and authentic landscape, where mysticism still roams the rough and yet sweet hills. Where I can see castles, menhirs, sheep and meadows – empty of tourists – accompanied by a gentle biker maniac…

Ladies and gents, this summer, we will be cruising SOUTHERN ENGLAND on our Harley, balancing with my knees and holding on tight to my Vman!

Is it summer yet?

= 😀