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CBW: From the side



My new Paperblanks Flexis notebooks are gorgeous, even in black and white. The sides are decorated as well.

Do you still use paper books for writing? Or do you prefer a laptop or a tablet?

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Hibernating wish

My Saturday in six words:



And winter has not even started yet!

I’m at the V-man’s at the moment and typing on my tablet, because my sweet notebook died on me yesterday. And how I miss it, I can’t even modify this post the way I wish to. To add the featured image. Ah well, it’ll just have to do. Will polish this post tomorrow evening when I’m home again.

My neck is killing me, has been for over three weeks now. My doctor told me all the muscles are cramped up and I need to loosen them. It’s hell rotating my head and sudden movements send lightning down my neck. But I’m keeping it high. ‘Cause it’s glorious weekend, hurrah.

Would you like to spend winter in hibernation, or do you love the cold, crisp days with snow and ice?

Have a good one.


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I Love You, Sweet Toppie!

Day 30 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Today’s topic is an easy one: I can not live without my laptop! Both for writing and mailing. Its name is ‘Toppie’ 😉

My desktop is on close second place, for writing, mailing plus gaming!

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to spend on this topic, because we’re driving down south for my mother’s 74th birthday in half an hour.


So have a LOVELY Sunday, all of you, I’m out of here. And taking Toppie with me of course!