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Laugh and Embrace



Dear readers and friends, thank you all so much for the good things that you have shared with me and with each other over the past year. Inspiring writings and photographs, the beautiful and often touching words and images. They make this sweet world better.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2019. Stay healthy and live well. Take care of each other. Laugh and embrace.

Big kiss,

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50 Ways to Welcome the New Year

What’s the matter with the years nowadays? Good old fashioned years seemed to last forever, but now they race, each day gaining speed until you tumble headfirst into a brand new year. Nothing to do about it, but to live in the here and now, I guess. To celebrate each new day with (as much) enthusiasm and joy (as you can muster), even when they’re boring or hard.

2016 closes in. In the Netherlands we count down until the magic transition second into the new year has arrived, then we hug, kiss, drink champagne, contact loved ones who are far away, and head outside to light fireworks and firecrackers – usually the men, while the women chat and laugh about their boyish enthusiasm.

What do you do at New Year’s Eve to celebrate the arrival of a brand new year in your country? Is this infographic correct, or do you want to add more amazing rituals? 😀


Infographic @ Daily Mail Online

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Counting down

My Saturday in six words:


My youngest son will fly to London tonight. He is spending the holidays with his girlfriend in the south of England. It will be the first time they actually meet.

I have been counting down ’till his dad picked him up just now to take him to the airport. I will be counting down until the plane lands safely on the other side of the North Sea. But most of all I’ll be counting the beautiful moments I hope they will share. Their first New Year’s Eve together.

Have an amazing trip, dear one, see you next year.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

The new year’s first WordPress Photo Challenge by Sara Rosso:

Resolved. This is that time of year, isn’t it? Full of resolutions and good intentions. Why not share a photo which represents one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Share a picture which means RESOLVED to you!

There’s one big resolution for me this year: to write – or at least start writing – the book that has been forming in my head. In my heart. No more talking and dreaming about it, but DOING it.

So I chose this photo of a library, because next year my book will be out there too! Though it might be an online library 😉


By the way, I made this photo in front of the Old Library of the Trinity College in Dublin. A library that was CLOSED between Christmas and New Year. Such a disappointment… until I saw this poster. I got to see it after all. A bit. 😉


More RESOLVED photos at The Daily Post

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2013 – Be Welcome!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year! May it bring you much laughter, hugs and good health. Plus buckets of inspiration.


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Wishing you all…

… the best, because YOU are the best. Thank you all so very much for reading, watching and commenting. For sharing your thoughts and dreams here on Figments and through e-mail. I have enjoyed your company tremendously and look forward to what the new year will bring us.


Yule Blessings,

Merry Christmas

and a Magical 2013


Best Wishes