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My own entry in the Six Word Story Challenge: Shopping

Month passed. Money left. Shopping allowed.



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Holiday Rant

When I look at my life, I see all of my days spent at work. Because I have to earn a living, to provide for my sons, to finance their study. To have a roof over our heads, dry and warm. And dinner on the table. While my passion lies in writing and photography. And my energy comes from (and goes to) my sons, my partner, family and friends. My mind wants to dive into books and movies. I am eager to create new dishes and make delicious suppers. To eat healthy, create refreshing fruity smoothies.

Each holiday – like now – I feel myself slowing down and my reservoir filling up again. My muse lifting her head and creativity flowing. I feel ALIVE and in control.

Hell, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working. Worrying over little things, about loads of e-mails and reoccurring banalities, while I long to be with my family, to spend time on real important matters. To be home. To go out. Go on the most fantastic holidays and see the world, big and small.

But I should not complain. At all! At work I’m surrounded by great folks who have humor and commitment. And the work is with pen and PC, not slaving away in the heat, cold or rain. Where I can speak my mind without fear of repercussions. Where people actually listen, and value my opinion. A job that challenges my abilities. And though I mutter and curse at it at times, I am grateful.

If I were younger, I would have studied a new bachelor Communications. If I could start anew, I would have chosen a different path in my career. I would be out there, in nature, with a camera and notebook. But I’m not. So I’m going to grab the opportunities that life tosses on my path and find my own, meandering way, notwithstanding the demands life makes in a financial way. With honor and respect, commitment and an occasional rant like this one. For we’ve all been given just one life. THIS life. It is yours. Make life worth living, each and every day. For we only have a limited amount of time.

How do you keep your balance between your passions and life’s demands?

My energy boosters:

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They Are Killing My Trees!!

No happy writing today. I’m sitting behind the desk in my study, totally devastated. They are killing the trees in my back yard. The greenery has to give way to houses and apartments. Was it coincidence they did this on a Thursday, the only morning I’m home? I grabbed my camera and started shooting, blinking the tears away that welled up in my eyes.  HOW I HATE THIS!

The trees are screaming to me, while breaking apart with a horrible, tearing sound.

What was:

In spring, assembling my beloved porch swing:

In summer:

In winter, on a frosty morning:

What is happening at this very moment:

Leaving us with this, a back yard in mourning:

My safe haven is ruined. Anger, frustration, outrage, but above all sadness. The trees were a living sun screen, they whispered to me on an early spring day. They provided shelter and a home for many many birds. They were a bit of magic in this stressful life. And now all are gone.

Thank you commerce, thank you developer, you’ve ruined another piece of nature.