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Photo Challenge: Heroes of Security

I want to dedicate this photo to police officers, body and security guards around the world, to fire brigades, military and ambulance staff. To everyone who is working hard to keep us -civilians- safe. My deepest respect for your courage and dedication.

Thank you! ❤


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Back on Wheels

A story about a young Marine, Justin Rokohl, who lost his legs in Afghanistan, and how he was helped to fulfill his dream of riding a motorcycle by a system called LegUp LandinGear. This computerized system stabilizes your bike as you come to a stop, keep it held upright at a light or stop sign with your feet remaining on the pegs.

Justin Rokohl
At just 23 years old, Marine Lance Corporal Justin Rokohl has seen and experienced more than most will in a lifetime. In June of 2008, during his second tour of duty overseas, Justin sustained massive injuries after an attack and explosion that launched him 90 feet in the air. He suffered a broken back, broken hip, fractured tibia and fibulas, two broken femurs, and damage to both legs that could not be repaired or corrected. Today Justin is able to walk with the use of prosthetics. He works a fulltime job in the oil industry, drives a specially modified vehicle and even takes part in cowboy team roping. He is also the recipient of 11 different medals and ribbons from the United States military, including the Purple Heart.

Justin is out in Texas, riding his motor cycle with a big smile on his face. The way it should be. And there are many other stories of young volunteer military people who dream to ride again whatever the extent of their war injuries.

Source: Cyril Huze and Wounded Times
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The hero in YOU!

Day 34 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge

Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Jeanne d’Arc, Chief Sitting Bull. Five names with an important story. Stories that still touch everybody’s life, even if only in the tiniest aspect. And there are many, many others who have changed the world we live in for the better. They have my utmost respect and admiration.
Thank you!

But heroes don’t need big names. As we speak, people are fighting for freedom and justice all over the world. Our military forces; groups of people who gather and stand up for the rights they believe in; police officers and fire men who risk their lives daily to protect and serve; animal rescue services. They also have my sincere admiration and thanks.
Thank you!

But in this post I honor

The Hero in YOU!

‘Normal people’ heroes, like you and me. Brave acts in daily life that show character when it matters:

  • by getting up and get dressed, when you feel you can’t face the world;
  • by smiling, when worries are trying to get you down;
  • by fighting, when all you want to do is run and hide;
  • by finding patience when everything inside of you is on fire;
  • by helping a total stranger to cross the street;
  • by standing by your friend, when everyone else turns on him;
  • by finding your way when darkness threatens you;
  • by sticking to your beliefs in the face of defeat;
  • by allowing yourself to be proud of what you do;
  • by toiling long hours to provide your family with food and shelter;
  • by being brave and strong in the face of sickness;
  • by speaking the truth, even when it hurts;
  • by improving yourself through study, while working also;
  • by believing in yourself;

You are all heroes in your own way, big and small, and I greet you with a smile and respect.
Thank you!

Would you like to add your thoughts on this subject and show me the hero in YOU?