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CBW: Signs in the Dutch mountains



This week the photo challenge calls out for all sorts of signs. I love the atmosphere in this photo, which I took at the Buitengoed Slavante in Maastricht. This city is located in the south-east of the Netherlands, twenty miles from where I was born. And guess what. Holland is mostly flat, but this part of our country has mountains! Well, they are hills really, but we are so proud of them that we like to tease the rest of the Dutchies with ‘our mountains’.

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6WSC: Dialect

My own entry in the Six Word Story Challenge: Dialect



image: Limburgse Dialecten

The dialect we speak at home – at my parents’ house in Limburg- is very different from the ‘normal’ Dutch that is spoken where I live now, in the south-west of the Netherlands. Though Friesland is the only province to have its own official language, Limburg has several dialects, as you can see in the image above. I come from the region Heële, in the south-east of Holland, near the German border.

And the minute I talk to my parents, to my siblings, in our dialect Limburgs, I’m transported back home. In a flash, a family feeling arises. And I treasure that so very much.

How about you? Do you have a dialect where you were born? And is that different from the language/dialect you speak these days?

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