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Internet Hug

Thank you. I really mean it. Thank YOU! For taking the time to read my posts and look at my pictures. For liking and commenting. For dropping in and leaving beautiful footprints. You bring joy into my life, smiles and sometimes tears. But always warmth and gentleness. So again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Come here for a huge hug.

~ Marion


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Photo: Friday HUG Day

Today – Friday February 11th, 2011 – is


in Holland. I don’t think this knowledge is wide spread since I’ve just made it up, but I’m going to do my best to get the Dutch hugging today!

When my children were smaller, hugging was aplenty in ‘Huize Drieske’. Since they’re 19 and 16 years old now, the hugging isn’t as frequent anymore. I want to share two old pictures with you:

Sean is the adorable bear on the right, his friend Jaap on the left side.

My sons are left and right, with my sisters’ kids in the middle. And my sweet ol’ cat Lotus

You see, I had to take measures to make sure I could keep on hugging. I surrounded my self with cuddly stuff, so even today I can hug with my:

Bedside Bunny

Then my feet can cuddle with my:

Spanish ‘sloffen’

The sweetness continues in my study:

Meet the Brothers Bear

Downstairs I’m greeted by a sleepy white-red creature:


And last but not least, I’ll even be taking the coziness with me when I go to work:

Yes it’s a handbag. Yes, there’s actually stuff in there. And yes, it’s fake!

Good morning my friends, let’s hug today and spread warmth, love and care for each other!!!