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March in March, unified we go

Listen carefully. Can you hear their marching song? 😀



Happy Saturday!


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Don’t worry, love.

Your star is too bright to dim.

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An Angel’s Hand

My Saturday in six words:



The coffin was painted blue, decorated with flowers, little stars and winged beings in bright hues. The original exterior – boring white – was dressed in the colors of life, which was a good thing because the person in the casket was not boring either. The woman who rested peacefully within had been overflowing with action, cheerfulness, determination and perseverance. Even from the other side, her optimism broke through the sadness of those present, showering them in sunny African music. Her three beloved granddaughters were sitting on the bench right next to her, their long golden hair united in braided accents, with their mothers protective at their side.

It was quiet. A subdued silence that waited breathlessly. The spell was broken by the sympathetic voice of the minister, who led through the woman’s life. A life with good and bad times, but always lived by one motto: all will be well! Slowly the voices of the choir faded away, voices she had been part of. Now there was a void only she had been able to fill, her voice a tone that stood out by absence.

The sermon was almost at its end and the moment of parting finally came closer – too close, unrelenting and grim. Love nor desire could stop time. Relatives and friends walked towards the blue coffin to pay their last respect, their sadness etching deep, by tears intersected lines. When the last walked out the door, the family looked at each other, desperate with grief. Last weeks’ haze was suddenly wiped away by reality, a gruesome and uninvited guest. Was this really the end? Their Mom was lying there, Granny! They stood around the casket and held each others hands, quiet, waiting, not able to let go.

Then an almost imperceptible vibration, and with a soft rustle of wings the silence came to life. A slight shudder ran through them. Was it their imagination? But no, they all heard it, felt it! Right in front of them the light changed into a new shape, painting a woman who shone in the silver glow. Light enveloped her now frail form with a hint of wings. Her radiant smile bathed her girls in peacefulness for the last time and in her own resolute way she took the hand that was offered her from within the light. The woman – their mother and grandmother – was led away by the hand of an Angel. Angels in whom she had always firmly believed. From afar one last echo in her unique timbre.

Remember to live your life well!


Written for my dear friend Nancy, who lost her mother last week.


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A touch of spring


In midst of winter

when icy rain

chills your bones

do not despair

let hope blossom

in your heart

for cold will fade

and sun return

’cause underneath

memories of spring

lie dormant


for nature’s call


MC Driessen blogs


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Sunday Post: Hope


Quak, quak, hello dude

please tell us that you’ve got food

YES, here with the loot!



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Sunday Post

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal is Cheri Lucas’ challenge.

This word conjures a variety of images, from bright blossoms to meditating monks. When I think of “renewal”, I think of starting a new job, arriving in a new city that’s ripe for exploration, walking through a new apartment with white walls, and taking a hot shower after a challenging day. I

Share a picture that means RENEWAL to you!

I have chosen two photos for this week. The first one is quite obvious: a seemingly dead branch suddenly sprouts with life! 😀

The second image means double renewal to me. In this photo V-man’s sons stand on the left, while my sons are on the right, representing the renewal of a generation. Moreover, these young men are looking out over the renewal of Ground Zero!

More Renewals at the Daily Post of WordPress.

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We remember

we will always remember

the dread we felt that day


The bewilderment

disbelief and horror 

will never go away


These senseless acts still

strike me numb

after eleven years


And I honor each victim

family and loved one

though they can’t hear


This world is harsh enough

she doesn’t want our

added cruelty


But craves for peace, balance

respect and trust

to set our fears free


In numerology the number 11 represents:

  • Higher ideals
  • Invention
  • Refinement
  • Congruency
  • Balance
  • Fulfillment
  • Vision

Let us keep these words in mind today, eleven years after 9/11, as a token of hope for this day, this year, for the future.

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They Will Become A Memory In The Future

Dear Mar,

Don’t be alarmed. You’re not going mad. And I’m not mad either. No, it isn’t a cruel joke or a prank of your friends. Please bear with me and hear me out. It will help you through the rough times you’re going through right now.

What do I know about your rough times? Well love, everything, simply everything. You see, I AM you, sending you this message from a future, ten years from now. Save this letter for the evenings when pain and loneliness threaten to overwhelm you. When despair and doubt strike hard. When your heart is about to break from crying throughout the night. Then read this and let it sooth you. Because there IS life after a divorce.

I know you worry so much about your children. How will they cope with the separation, will it affect their future and trust in life? Be at ease, in ten years they have grown into tall young men who love life. Men who have self confidence and a good sense of justice. They won’t be party animals, but they do have faith in themselves and have fun. Your sons will find their own way in life and you will guide them. And love them more and more each day. Like I do.

You doubt your ability to stand on your own, but this is unnecessary my dear. Your family and friends will help you whenever you need advice. They will come over when something is amiss. One of them will even bring you forty beautiful roses on your fortieth birthday, because he wants you to smile. And you will learn about taxes, mortgages and house maintenance. You won’t like it but you will learn.

Which leads me to the financial part. This has been keeping you awake at night. Have trust in your employer, for he will give you the chance to work longer. Your salary, complemented with your alimony, will enable you and your kids to stay in the house they grew up in.

But the most important thing you need to know right now is that your intuition is right. Your intuition that has been screaming for years is right. Do not doubt your decision to end this marriage. You have fought long enough, hard enough. It just wasn’t meant to be. Your unhappiness will only deepen if you go on and I don’t want that to happen to you. Better to be alone on your own, than to be lonely in company. This is what your heart is telling you right now, so listen to it!

You will go through bad and even worse times, through unpleasant and hurtful events. But you will get out of this much stronger. The sparkle will come back to your eyes, you will be your merry old enthusiastic self again. You will explore new areas and do new and exciting things. And you will find love again. But that is something for a distant future.

For now, be strong and have faith dearest Mar. You will make it through these difficult times, together with your sons, your family and your friends. So embrace and accept the loneliness and pain in the certainty that they will ease. They will become a memory in the future.

Yours, with love,

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Shedding Tendrils of Doom

When in dark long hours before dawn
Brooding thoughts ravage your heart
Dragging you down, you feel alone
Then remember the new day’s start

O glorious moment when sun rises
Golden rays tickling your face
Your life, potent with sweet surprises
For now filtered in a painful haze

One day my sweet and gentle friend
Joy finds you, feelings all abloom
Tears float away and you’ll mend
Shedding those tendrils of doom

Let the sun warm your skin, feel free