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Working from home

After working from home for several weeks now, with multiple screens and many video-meetings, I can relate to this poor man completely! 😉

How are you coping?

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Back to January

How I hate to take down the Christmas decorations. Each January it is tough to say goodbye to the green, silver, and red.


My sweet reindeer, resting comfortably once more in their basket in the attic. The tree lights are dimmed and my little evergreen is outside in the cold.

Two weeks of warmth, joy, and freedom rushed by. Monday it is back to normal. Back to work.

But I’ll keep on lighting candles throughout the year! And I put my two friends on the left on top of my bookcase. They’re inseparable! And too cute to be stuffed away.

Welcome to January. 😀

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Cozy Corner

It arrived. IT ARRIVED! *dances around* My signed print of Cozy Night by Kim Parkhurst arrived by postman today. And he even rang twice, because I was at work. Fortunately I have a very nice postman. Plus very nice neighbors! 🙂

I saw this print on Pinterest two weeks ago, and exclaimed: ‘Hey, that’s Boris!’, followed a second later by ‘And Smokey!’, and after a moment I added in an even higher voice ‘Oooow and that’s me! Except for the gorgeous hair of course’. 😉 It was called Cozy Night. I grinned and closed Pinterest.

After five minutes I was still smiling about the picture and I couldn’t put it out of my head. After ten minutes I got very restless and opened the app again on my tablet, hoping to find it again. And I did. Five minutes later -click click click- I found myself on Etsy. And within another few minutes, I had bought myself a signed print. Lalalaaaaa.

Today a small note told me that there was something waiting for me next door. Could it be…? I rushed over and rang the bell. A white envelope with a smiling cat and a Dutch text found its way into my hands. The sender was from the United States. Oh yes baby, come to mama!

I’ll let the photos do their own talking:


Do you like my cozy corner?


I do! ❤

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Six Word Saturday

Crying over Extreme Makeover Home Editions


I know, I know… but I just can’t help myself. It’s a good cry though. 😉

Have an extreme Saturday.


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Six Word Saturday

Haaaa, pee all you want now!


Eh, no, I did not mean that!

Four months ago, Smokey and Boris joined our little family, and that made Nick and me very happy. Bandit, on the other hand, wasn’t too charmed about his new feline brothers. In fact, he was not pleased at all. And to vent his frustration, he has been peeing near the front door each night. Every single night.

I have tried lots of things to stop him from doing this. I barricaded the area, but he simply finds a new spot next to it. I have placed a fourth cat litter, which the other two cats eagerly use. I have sprinkled pepper, cleaned with vinegar, with normal and natural soap, with lots of water. Have sprayed with special neutralizing odor. But Bandit has no nose on his rear end, so he doesn’t mind what I do. He minds only his own business. And that is peeing, sometimes twice a day.

Can you imagine what happens to my mail when it floats gently to the floor, settling snugly on the wet tiles? Aye, straight into the bin.

But I have found another solution, as you can see in the picture: a mail bag! I have to insert two more hooks near the top, but the wood is too hard to simply twist them in. That will have to wait until one of my handy friends comes over.

Have a clean weekend!