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Clouds over Nether Lands

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Blossom stroll along pasture and waterfront



A typical Dutch landscape. Want to come along? Have a happy weekend. x

Posted as part of my Six Word Saturday musings; courtesy of Debbie at Travel with Intent. Will you join us there? 

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Evening sun wrinkles the Amsterdam canals

2018-12-27 14.41.36


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CB&W: Dutch Bike



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Silent Sunday



It is winter in the Netherlands! The Dutch are skating on every surface stable enough to hold their weight. Ice fever is running havoc in our little country. But fear not: it is not harmful.

Snow covers the landscape in a gentle white blanket, the light magical. Of course, V-man and I went for a walk yesterday, and that’s when we met this beauty. She was not camera shy, and not people shy either, because she came thundering towards me at full gallop when I called her. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a treat with me. But I did pat, cuddle and whisper sweet nothings. And that was OK too.

For a while I was lost in her big brown eyes. When I looked up, however, I saw other eyes, brown-green ones, that looked at me with the silent request to finally continue in the cold, strong wind. And that’s what I did. Onward! To the next animal. 😉