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Internet Hug

Thank you. I really mean it. Thank YOU! For taking the time to read my posts and look at my pictures. For liking and commenting. For dropping in and leaving beautiful footprints. You bring joy into my life, smiles and sometimes tears. But always warmth and gentleness. So again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Come here for a huge hug.

~ Marion


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warm-hearted and kind

you are

sweet dog with

flappy ears

rough coat

and gentle nature

which you share with

your humans

who are willing

to lend your company

to me

every now and then


Thank you, all of you!



~ for Angela & Frans, Nora en Klaartje ~

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

The WordPress Photo challenge of this week is very similar to the Free Write Friday post I published earlier: Gratitude, where you can read about my reasons to be grateful and thankful.

For this photo challenge I have chosen: PEACE. I am thankful for each country, each region and village, even each house, where peace has won over war. Let’s be thankful for that, and strive for more, much more peace.

~ click the photo for a larger image ~

Why this peace sign was upside down, is a mystery to me. But you know what? This way it resembles the \/ sign even better.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


Find more Thankfulness at Sara Rosso’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

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A warm flood suddenly washes over you – through you – and fills your every fiber with awareness. With thankfulness. Of someone, or something. A kind smile in a supermarket. Rain that stops when you step out of the door. Your son who offers to go grocery hunting for you. You practically seem to glow and shine with an inner light. An aura as flaming as the sun halos your head and ignites a sparkle in your eyes.

So stop!

Please, stop what you are doing at the moment and take a minute or two to contemplate the things you are grateful for. The people who are special in your lives. Kindness by strangers. And let that warm flood flow through your veins.

Thank you, sweet Mom and Dad, you are and always have been wonderful. Your loving care formed the base of my existence. Brother and sisters, we had fun times together and I’m smiling even thinking of you. And I do so every day. Love you all so much.

Thank you, magical friends, who have made my life worth living. Without you I would have been lost so many times. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, my sons, for filling my days (and nights) with everlasting joy and… let’s call it challenges. 😉 It is interesting and heart-warming to see you both grow into fine young men. I love you, unconditionally. Even when I’m mad at you.

Thank you, my V-man. For almost five years we are a pair now. And I am proud and grateful for being your choice of heart. My deep love is for you.

Thanks, sweet marvelous people out there. Do you realize what miracles a simple smile can work? No? Try it, and you will see your own smile mirrored all around you.

Gratitude, such a warm feeling. I hope each and every day will be filled with golden moments of gratitude.

Feel free to share your gratitude here. Better yet, tell your loved ones and even complete strangers how you feel. All it takes is a smile… 🙂

~ Marion


This post was written for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt.