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WPC: Out of This World

frost models raindrops

into ice inspired lines

bewitching water



My entry in this week’s challenge:

Share a picture that takes us on a journey into the unknown.


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Photo Play

Six Word Saturday


Pushing buttons. Changing images. Enhanced beauty.

Photos @ Marion

Not a single photo you see in the magazines is completely original! All are altered – some a bit, others a lot more – by programs like Photoshop.

This is what a friend said to me last week. I stared at her and shook my head. I told her she was ruining my trust in mankind, that there must be pure photos too! Mirror images, like the ones I see each morning before after the morning grooming! But no. My friend is an experienced photographer and she recognizes the techniques that are used to touch up the magazine photos.

Intrigued, I started to explore the possibilities of my iPhone through the Instagram (profile: Doldriest) and Camera+ app. Using those, I started to play with shades, lights, flash, crops and special effects. And here are the results. In the third photo I was trying to focus/zoom on the the ice on the glass (which didn’t work obviously). What I got was the reflection of the yard.

Did I make these photos? Yes! Did I know exactly what I was doing? No, but I just played around and stopped when the images were to my liking. What do you think, are they any good? Tips?


Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.

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